9 awesome champagne recipes to French up your life

If there is one thing we love around here, it’s champagne. Duh, right? And sometimes we like to get all classy-like and try cooking with champagne. Because drinking it straight from the bottle with a crazy straw isn’t totes appropes to do at your desk (apparently) but you can fang on with any of these delicious dishes anywhere without raising an eyebrow.

Here are our 7 favourite champagne recipes:


1. Oysters with champagne jelly by Adam Clements for Champagne Cartel.

2. Chicken with champagne and 40 cloves of garlic by Martha Stewart.

3. Salmon in champagne sauce by Delia Online.

4. Champagne, lychee and dragonfruit granita by Adam Clements for Champagne Cartel.

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5. Champagne risotto with wild mushrooms by The Travel Bite.

6. Champagne cupcakes from Love Life and Sugar.

7. Champagne truffles on the half shell by Pizzazzerie (pictured, above).

8. Champagne macarons by Eats Well With Others.

9. Champagne popsicles with St Germain and edible flowers by Cooking with Janica.

Which of these will you have a crack at? Or do you have another we should know about?

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Carolyn is the editorial director of Champagne Cartel and a freelance writer. In her spare time she is a long-distance runner, peanut butter enthusiast, and single mum to three incredible humans.

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