Champagne Divorce Club

Are you going through a devastating break-up and not sure where to start to get your life back together?

Champagne Divorce Club Gillian and Carolyn Square

We’re Carolyn and Gillian – best mates who got divorced within a year of each other – we never could have imagined the despair and helplessness we would feel as we navigated our way through those early, dark days. We were heartbroken and scared – with no idea where to turn.

We made mistakes, we lost out in some big ways, and we burned some bridges in the process – but with each other’s support, as well as amazing help from our ladylove community, we’ve come out the other side. Not just in one piece, but wiser, happier, healthier, and more fulfilled in our lives than we’ve ever been before.

It’s like we fell apart, and when we rebuilt ourselves, we were even better than we’d ever been.

That’s what we want for you too. We’ve now made it our life’s mission to help you and other women like you turn their separation or divorce from disaster into the best thing that ever happened to you.

We know what it feels to hit rock bottom, to think you’re not going to make it through, to wonder if you’ll ever feel happiness again or if the stress of worrying how you’re going to do this on your own will ever abate.

Want to know where to start, and to feel better straight away?

Let us help you!

5 Simple Steps to turn your marriage breakup into the best thing that ever happened to you

Sounds like a crazy dream, right?

We know what it is like to feel shocked, devastated, overwhelmed and terrified for your future, but we know the way through this dark and lonely tunnel – and the other side is better than you could ever imagine.

This FREE webinar will give you 5 simple strategies to help you start navigating your darkest days and designing your own bright future, where anything is possible.

Small changes = big impact.

Starting right now.

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Need a helping hand RIGHT NOW to get through one of the toughest times of your life?

Your life is on fire right now and you don’t know what to do.

We’ve both been there, and we so get it! Book a one-on-one coaching call with us so we can help you solve the biggest problems you’re facing right now.

We’ve got loads of wisdom to share, professional contacts, and advice that can help make this experience so much easier for you. Don’t suffer alone – let us lift that burden and help you breathe easier.

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Want to join a community of like-minded women to support you during this tough time?

Champagne Divorce Club is the beautiful PRIVATE support group that might seem like the club that nobody wants to join, but trust us when we say you’ll never want to leave!

CDC will help you build confidence so you can take control and remember how awesome you are. Membership includes:

  • Your 7-day Surviving Separation toolkit
  • Live weekly coaching calls with direct support from us and our team of industry experts
  • A supportive gang of ladypals going through it in the trenches with you where you can ask questions, help each other, and form lasting friendships.

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A life changing 12-week program to turn your divorce into the best thing that happened to you

Surviving Separation will empower you with skills, resources and knowledge to navigate your darkest days and design your own bright future, where anything is possible.

This is a deep-dive, super-focused course that is literally guaranteed to make a massive in your life – and you can start TODAY.

You’ll hear from industry experts on family law, finance, resilience and coping strategies, self care and parenting. All the stuff you need to take you from overwhelmed and scared, to capable and optimistic about your new life.

With over $10,000 worth of expert advice, plus the support of your own personal Champagne Divorce Club private community.

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