Writer spotlight: meet Dr Mahdi Mason!

Mahdi Mason comes with serious cred. She is an environmental scientist with a PhD, and author of The Power of You: How to Positively Influence People, Places and the World. She is an advocate for nature, animals and people, and writers her own blog Mahdi Earth, plus (because that’s not enough) she has just opened Earth Healers’ Hub, for people who want to do some good in the world. She says she has poor fashion sense but she has a brilliant sense of humour, and a delightfully potty mouth. (And next month she officially becomes my daughter’s stepmother, which I reckon makes my daughter one seriously lucky kid.)

Sitting with book jpgWe asked Mahdi to share with us 5 things we might not know about her:

  1. I’m crazy about all animals, even cane toads. Okay, so not crazy as in I would go and pick one up and kiss it, but enough to not want to kill them. Animals are my passion and are the reason why I spent seven years studying environmental science and management.
  2. I never liked school. You would think that I enjoyed all of my education considering I ended up with a doctoral degree, but I didn’t. I was a good student and had plenty of friends and fun times. I just didn’t like the monotonous routine and the boringness of it all. I wagged a lot by forging letters from my mum saying ‘To Whom It May Concern, Please excuse Mahdi from school this afternoon as she has family commitments.’ I never got busted either!
  3. I had the world’s biggest crush on Ricky Ponting (former Australian cricket captain) for 10 years. Such a sexy, smart and passionate man! I actually had the chance to meet him once at a night club when I was 18 but got too nervous to try anything on him and made out with Mushtaq Ahmad (a Pakistani cricket player who was also there. Don’t look him up. I don’t know what I was doing…) instead. Mustaq offered to fly me around Australia to watch the rest of the test series as his lady, coincidentally. I declined. My friends called my ‘Mushy’ for years.
  4. I was in the Army Reserves. Not what you’d expect from someone who preaches peace and love, but I needed to make some money while I was going through uni. I actually gained a lot of self-confidence from it and don’t think it’s such a bad thing for all young people to do.
  5. I wear underpants for a good two years after they should have been thrown away. And I don’t have a single sexy pair to compensate. I just don’t value undies.
Mahdi’s gorgeous dog Sheera.

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