Celebrating Menopause: Surviving and Thriving from Peri to Post

Champagne Cartel Celebrating Menopause: Surviving and Thriving from Peri to Post

We’re here to help you turn peri & menopause into an exciting new chapter of your life.

Even if that seems crazy right now!

Celebrating Menopause is a 10-week program, taught by experts, that will give you the knowledge and tools to not just survive your perimenopause and menopause but take control so you can embrace this new life phase happier, healthier and more fabulous than you could ever have imagined.



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Are you freaking out about what menopause might mean for you? Or confused by random weird symptoms?

Are you experiencing symptoms like an erratic period, dreadful sleep, hot flushes, weird anxiety, and hideous mood swings?

Are you feeling “old” and miserable, like you have lost your spark and definitely lost any sexy feeling you may once have had?

Have you been told you should just suck it up because it’s what happens to a woman?

Are you hearing about Hormone Replacement Therapy but confused whether it’s good or bad?

Are you feeling like everyone has a different opinion and don’t know where to turn?

Celebrating Menopause
Champagne Cartel Celebrating Menopause

We can help!

We know – because we have been going through it ourselves – that perimenopause and menopause are a minefield of information and everyone seems to have conflicting advice and opinions.

And every woman is different and will experience different symptoms too!

We’re here to demystify the topic with our practical program, run by experts in their fields.

Through the program you will:

  • get the low down on all the symptoms (including the weird ones!) and what to expect
  • be informed about treatment options, from medical to alternative therapies
  • understand the psychology of what you’re going though so you can take control of your mindset and deal with anxiety, grief and any other feelings you may be experiencing
  • get practical tools on day-to-day management including simple changes you can make with exercise and nutrition
  • get insights about sex and relationships which will help you to embrace this amazing time of transformation and freedom
  • navigate some of the difficult conversations you will need to have bosses, partners and kids.

“Carolyn and Gillian sure as hell know what it takes to lead a “fuck yes” life. They are passionate, supportive and open with sharing their personal experiences to help you embrace your own fuck yes life. I’ve loved the opportunity to dig deep and reflect on what drives my very being, and think seriously about what I want from my life moving forward.”


How does the Celebrating Menopause program work?

Celebrating Menopause is a 10-week program where you’ll receive a new video masterclass each week.

The masterclasses are hosted by us, Gillian and Carolyn – real women who are on the same journey of discovery through perimenopause and menopause as you! We’ll grill our experts with all the questions we know you want answered, just like we do.

The topics we’ll cover are:

  1. Hormones 101 – a guide to your symptoms and why the eff your body is doing this to you
  2. Medical treatments – what can be done and the risks to consider
  3. Alternative therapies – what else can you do to make your life easier, and how does that work alongside medical treatments
  4. The mental game – why you feel so out of control sometimes and what you can do to get it back
  5. Relationships & Sex – loss of your libido isn’t the end – how to get it back and embrace this new sexy chapter with zero pregnancy scares!
  6. The socio-politics of menopause – how menopausal women are perceived out there, and how to get through while balancing your career and social commitments
  7. Diet – nutritional tips that can make a huge difference to how easily you make it through
  8. Exercise – moving that body has never been more important, but it’s all about how you do it
  9. Mindset, habits and self care – stuff you can do for yourself to ensure you come at these major changes with positivity and resilience
  10. Celebrating menopause as a time of transformation and rebirth

When you sign up, you’ll get access to our eLearning portal, where the videos will be stored so you can come back and access them any time. You’ll also receive handouts, homework activities and extra resources so you’ll be armed with everything you need to gently wrangle your mind and body so you feel tip top again.

We also have a bunch of amazing real life success stories of women who have navigated menopause and turned it into something wonderful and joyous, for that extra bit of inspo you need on those tough days.


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Champagne Cartel Celebrating Menopause

How do I know if I am going through peri menopause or just feeling rubbish?

Menopause is defined as the time when your period has stopped for at least 12 months. The average age for menopause for Australian women is 52 (need source), but of course it can be a lot earlier than that. Prior to menopause is the time called peri-menopause which can be up to ten (holy hell!) years of rollercoaster symptoms. And then of course there are many women who go through early menopause for various reasons.

Your symptoms can be things like:

  • crazy heavy periods one month to no periods at all the next
  • hot flushes or night sweats
  • mood swings, anxiety or worsening PMS style symptoms that may come at any time of the month
  • weight gain and finding it hard to shift weight
  • swollen, sore boobs
  • vaginal dryness, loss of interest in sex
  • inability to concentrate or find the correct word
  • feeling very tired, lacking in energy and pep and generally just not feeling like yourself
  • plus a bunch more awesomeness that makes life so fun…

Whether you’re in your early to mid 40s and starting to feel pretty off with symptoms like the above, or your period has actually stopped then you may be peri or menopausal. Your GP or health professional will be able to diagnose you formally.

We felt so in the dark about peri & menopause that we created this program!

What we didn’t know when we reached our approx mid-forties was that we would be hit with some weird symptoms and no-one seemed to be able to shed light on what was happening or how to treat.

What we began to realise was that everyone had a different opinion on how to deal with peri-menopause, but very few women were talking openly about it. And when they did it was an utterly depressing conversation that made everyone feel pretty hopeless about it.

We started our own journeys into peri-menopause and have discovered a LOT along the way. But we wanted to know more so we have consulted with our expert panel and found some of the best people in their fields to talk about symptoms, treatment and the simple things we can do to make the transition better.

What we also discovered is that there is a whole other wonderful side to this journey and it made us want to get the word out and celebrate this amazing time of life, rather than wallowing in it’s challenges..

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Champagne Cartel Celebrating Menopause Program