You’re invited to the Champagne Divorce Party!

(It’s the most unexpected but most awesome party around)

We know from personal experience that going through separation and divorce can be tough. Your life pretty much gets put on hold while you put out fire after fire, lick your wounds and rebuild your life.

But beyond that initial triage, there is a wonderful world just waiting for you to go out and grab it by the neck. We liken that moment of re-emergence to that scene in the Wizard of Oz where the black and white world is suddenly in bright technicolour.

We’ve been lucky to meet loads of amazing women who are now living their own lives in technicolour, after going through tough break-ups, and we’re thrilled to share their stories in our podcast Champagne Divorce Party.

Every week, we’ve got a new woman to meet, a new story to tell, and some fresh inspiration to show you just how beautiful life can be post-divorce – with success in business, love, parenting, and self-esteem, to name a few.

Season 1 of Champagne Divorce Club is out now and we’re super proud of her! You can listen by searching for Champagne Divorce Party on Spotify, your Apple podcast app or iTunes.