About us

We’re Champagne Cartel, and we’re here to help you remember why it’s great to be you.

We love good vibes, positive conversations about feminism, and smart, sassy women who support other women. And we are dedicated to helping you embrace your whole self, flaws and all.

I’m Carolyn Tate – entrepreneur, writer, marathoner and mum of 3.

Gill Moody

I’m Gillian Moody – entrepreneur, marketer, raving lipstick devotee, mum of boys.

Raels Robertson

I’m Raels Robertson – entrepreneur, tech savant, animal lover, twin-wrangler.

Champagne Cartel started life in 2013 as a personal blog written by Carolyn. As a mum at home on maternity leave from her corporate job, Carolyn was pissed off by the negativity being proliferated online – both in the way women spoke about themselves and the way some women tried to tear other women down. She wanted to create a positive space for smart women to gather and take some time out of their busy lives.

Carolyn approached Gillian to join her and together they wrote articles about the chaos and awesomeness of their lives as working mums. They emphasised the importance of women prioritising their wellbeing and health – always making sure girlfriends and good times were included in the mix. As their audience grew and became more engaged, Carolyn and Gillian realised they were onto something. They were reaching thousands, but they wanted to take their message even further.

Champagne Cartel relaunched as an online magazine in 2016 with a collective of writers on board. Having more writers and experts in various fields meant we could broaden the conversation and we could cover a more diverse range of topics. Our writers are opinionated and passionate about contributing to healthy and positive discussions for women everywhere. Their articles about health and wellbeing, sex, indulgence, beauty and society are delivered with authority and our signature touch of irreverence. We love to start discussions and believe that respectful debate is a healthy way to tackle difficult issues.

Our hard work and dogged determination has led to some brilliant moments.

Champagne Cartel Gill, Carolyn and Raels working on designs

In 2016, Carolyn and Gillian realised that if they wanted to take Champagne Cartel to the next level and fulfil our dream of creating a movement of women who put themselves first, we needed more help. We approached Brisbane entrepreneur and brilliant tech-head Raels. Raels had been running her award-winning digital agency Mettro for 15 years, and was the perfect person to help.

Launching our shop and our own unique product line of t-shirts and jewellery has been terrifying and exciting. But the results are undeniable proof that phenomenal things can be achieved through friendship and the power of ‘we’. Individually we have achieved success in our professional lives but as a team, we couldn’t be happier or prouder of what we’ve created together.

It’s been a hard slog, and we’ve learned a lot. And we’re always looking for ways to share those lessons and bring women together to achieve wonderful things.

Which brings us to you.

CC Ladies feel good about you

Champagne Cartel is for women who want to feel great about themselves.It’s easy to forget how great it is to be you, when you are constantly being told you aren’t good enough. Here’s how to: look younger, be thinner and sexier, parent better. Here’s the thing we hate about that. It’s all coming from a place of lack. You’re not good enough and you need us to help you be betterBugger that.

You’re ace. You are enough. We want you to believe that, and live the life you want: a life of joy and kicking serious goals that make you feel like the glorious ladyhuman you are.

We want you to to shout from the rooftop, “I deserve to be happy. I deserve to prioritise my own health and wellbeing. I will make that rewarding career happen and still keep my social and family lives crack-a-lacking. I’m going to wear red lipstick because it makes me feel good. I’m going to buy those motherfucking sparkly shoes because I like them, and I don’t have to justify that to anyone.”

(And if you do that, please send us a video please. We’d be rapt.)

Look, we love champagne and chips and staying out late. But we also love glowing with health, nurturing our bodies and spirits and kicking the big goals in life. At Champagne Cartel it’s all about doing both – and finding that balance between the two.

We’re on a mission to help you find that balance for yourself. Embrace your whole glorious self, ‘flaws’ and all, and get on with living your best life. And have some bloody good fun while you’re at it.

And yes, we run a business so we have stuff to sell. But we ensure we give back to the community by financially supporting brilliant organisations supporting women such as Mummy’s Wish. And most of our content is free.

Our goal is to be always honest and authentic, sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes challenging. We don’t shy away from topics considered a bit on the nose. We love talking about fitness, radiant healthy living, positive body image and mental toughness and resilience. Sometimes we talk about clearing roadblocks or giving ourselves a shot in the arm of positivity. And we love to talk politics and the way women are treated by our society.

We’re passionate about our girlfriends and sharing the ladylove and celebrating the beautiful things that happen when women build each other up. But we also really like sparkly things, lipstick, champagne and handbags so sometimes we bang on about that stuff too.

This is one hell of a long page, thank you for hanging on till the end!

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