Our Customer Service Commitment to You

Champagne Cartel has been operating first as a personal blog since 2013, and more recently as an online magazine with a broader range of content provided by our team of writers.

Over the years we are proud to have built a fun, warm community of sassy women who are all about the big goals and building other women up. Thank you for joining our Cartel of ladylove and good vibes! And now we have our shop.

She is like a new member of our family in so many ways (bringing her to the world was like the longest most painful labour ever endured, hahaha). We love our beautiful new baby and she is gong to help us to take our business to places we are dreaming of.

Like everyone, we need to make an income to keep the wolves at bay and so we can keep creating fabulous free content.

It’s all about you.

But we are intent on ensuring that our shop is an extension of all those things we believe in and are committed to, so we present our ‘it’s all about you’ customer service policy:

We promise to offer gorgeous and special products that are perfect for the ladyloves in your lives, that won’t cost you the earth.

We promise to deliver your order nicely wrapped and packed, in good condition and as you’d expected it.

We promise to ensure our website makes it easy for you to buy, return, signup, login and all those bits and pieces.

We promise that we will listen to you as our valued customer.

We promise to be responsive to you should you need to contact us (we love it when you do!).

We promise that in all our dealings with our customers, suppliers, employees, freelancers, vendors and Arthur our courier, will be respectful and ethical at all times.

We promise to continue in our commitment to be responsible citizens and help women in our community who could do with a helping hand.

We promise to build other women up, to support women in our business and friendship community and to provide charitable support for women.

We’d love to hear from you.

If you only want to access our free content, we respect that. We will make you aware of our offering but we won’t flog you with shop content. We’d love to hear from you if you have concerns, feedback or want to chat.

And if at any time you’d like to contact us directly about a partnership or a business opportunity, please email our Director of Brand & Customer Service, Gillian Moody.