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Welcome to the Champagne Cartel Shop!

We love to bang on about putting ourselves first. And what could be better than buying yourself a little sumthin-sumthin when you’re in need of some ‘me’ time?

Without being gigantic wankers about it, we also try to shop as ethically as possible so we like to know where our products come from. That’s why we love the hand-made products you can buy from the boutique designers on Etsy. Plus you know you are not going to see a dozen women walking down the street wearing the same thing as you. Win!

Here are some of our current favourites. You can buy these or check out more by the same designers by clicking on the links below.

140810 etsy collage

1. Red backless glamour maxi dress; 2. Yellow leather crochet tote; 3. Mimosa messenger bag; 4. Black tulle party dress; 5. Bohemian print chiffon pom-pom kimono; 6. Coming soon; 7. Playing it koi dress