Women’s Divorce Academy – Expert Panel

Our Women’s Divorce Academy panel of experts is a group of highly-regarded industry leaders. The panel members are authorities on a wide range of issues that impact women going through separation & divorce.

Their expertise covers family law & property settlement, co-parenting, mediation, physical health & fitness, nutrition, mental health, confidence, finances, life administration, boundary settling & healthy relationships, goal development  & stress management.

Champagne Divorce Club Anne Marie Cade

Anne Marie Cade

Nationally Accredited Mediator | Certified Divorce Coach

Helping women reframe their relationships with a former partner and transform their lives post divorce.

Champagne Divorce Club Anne McKeown

Anne McKeown

Accredited Life Coach | NLP Practitioner

Specialising in empowering women for business and life.

Champagne Divorce Club Caroline Brunne

Caroline Brunne

Founder Organise. Curate. Design.

The life assistant you never know you needed! Helping women streamline their lives.

Champagne Divorce Club Corona Brady

Corona Brady

Burnout Coach | Multidisciplinary Practitioner

Coaching women in business from burnout & overwhelm to energetic, joyful lives.

Champagne Divorce Club Dr Delia McCabe

Dr Delia McCabe

Founder, A Lighter Brighter You

Stress resiliency consultant using nutrition and neurology to help overwhelmed, stressed and anything-but-calm women feel the exact opposite.

Donna Cameron, Champagne Divorce Club Expert Panel

Donna Cameron

Psychologist/ Parenting Coordinator/ Family Report Writer

Here to help you in those stressful, crisis moments, with clear and practical strategies.

Champagne Divorce Club Hannah Cardiff

Hannah Cardiff

Accredited Date Coach  |  Founder, Blush Matchmaking

Dating expert here to help you get back into the dating game and actually enjoy it!

Champagne Divorce Club Isiah McKimmie

Isiah McKimmie

Couples Therapist | Sex Therapist | Sexologist | Coach

One of Australia’s leading Sex and Relationship Experts, helping women deepen intimacy and ignite lasting desire for over a decade.

Champagne Divorce Club Jen Franklin

Jen Franklin

Family Law Solicitor, Franklin Family Law

A specialist family law solicitor empowering women to find their voice, power and freedom.

Champagne Divorce Club Joanna Boyd

Joanna Boyd

Buyers Advocate | Real Estate Professional

Specialising in helping women sell and buy property to move on after the death of a partner, or separation & divorce.

Champagne Divorce Club Julie Mauger

Julie Mauger

Senior Habit Change Practitioner  |  Inertia Reverser

Using evidence-based methodologies to help you master your mindset & empower you to Get Sh#t Done, one habit at a time!

Karina Lane, Champagne Divorce Club Expert Panel

Karina Lane

Accredited parenting Educator  |  Certified Parenting Coach

Supporting mums of young kids with her passionate yet realistic attitude to raising kids that, while being based on sound research findings, is also cemented by real-life experience.

Champagne Divorce Club Kat Abianac

Kat Abianac

Community Creator | Mindset Enthusiast | Goal Setter

Expert goal setter and boundaries champion helping coaches & creators to build dream communities.

Champagne Divorce Club Kerryn Bond

Kerryn Bond

Career Consultant & Transitional Coach

Helping women to overcome their barriers to employment and in taking pro-active steps towards achieving personal and financial fulfilment.

Champagne Divorce Club Kim Hope

Kim Hope

Financial Planner

Helping to improve financial literacy for women and instil a sense of confidence so they can plan for their personal financial goals.

Champagne Divorce Club Leanne Stockwell

Leanne Stockwell

Naturopath | Herbalist | Kinesiologist

Helping women to feel amazing, so they can live the kick-arse life that they deserve.

Champagne Divorce Club Lucy Kippist

Lucy Kippist

Editor, Flying Solo – Australia’s largest small business community

Promoting free expression of ideas and inspiring women to create a life they love through small business development.

Dr Marny Lishman, Champagne Divorce Club Expert Panel

Dr Marny Lishman

Health & Community Psychologist

Helping women increase their psychological capacity to not only design & create the life that they envision, transform their internal capabilities to beyond what they thought possible, but deal with life’s disruptions that they will inevitably face on their pathway to success.

Champagne Divorce Club Melissa Meager

Melissa Meagher

Founder, Talking Money

Supporting women to clear their money blocks and become empowered to manage their money.

Champagne Divorce Club Nikki Parkinson

Nikki Parkinson

Founder, Styling You & Styling You The Label

Business woman and online community leader who loves helping women find their confidence through the clothes that they wear.

Champagne Divorce Club Rachel Scott

Rachael Scott

Mortgage Broker

Your mortgage broker – Dedicated to seeing you become queen of your own castle.

Champagne Divorce Club Sarah Liversidge

Sarah Liversidge


Helping women to build money confidence and take charge of their day-to-day finances.

Champagne Divorce Club Shari Brewer

Shari Brewer

Parenting Expert | Founder, Teenage Survival Coach

Educator and coach providing support, tips and resources to help parents build better relationships with their kids in today’s crazy, hectic world.

Champagne Divorce Club Zoey Dowling

Zoey Dowling

Running Coach | Founder, Operation Move

Expert in providing online, community-based coaching programs helping women at all levels find joy in running.