Contributor guidelines

Champagne Cartel is a digital magazine for smart, driven and ambitious women aged 30 to 60 who want to live life to the fullest and squeeze every last bit of goodness from every day.

We care about topics that can add some sparkle to our readers’ day – that could be beauty, style, health, fitness, wellbeing, indulgence, travel, sex and relationships – or about issues that matter to us such as politics, world issues, inspiring women, careers, etc.

Basically, if you can write a great, conversational article about some way to live a fuck yes life, we want to hear from you! (Swearing in context is totally fucking fine.)

Contributor guidelines - Champagne Cartel

We’d love for you to state a clear opinion and then back it up with facts and/or research rather than a middle-of-the-road piece. We are allergic to beige, so please put yourself out there and say something that you think matters. Chances are, others will too.

If you can make women feel good about their lives, solve a problem, show us something awesome, or tell us something that matters, we are all ears.

Topics we don’t want to hear about are: guilt, children (except in a peripheral role in our lives), being a martyr, being tired and busy, bitching about anything or anyone, how much your husband sucks, or anything to do with the word ‘mumpreneur’ or party plan selling.

We are always interested to hear from writers who can offer something that fits within the above guidelines. If you’re writing to promote yourself or your business, that’s totally okay, as long as your article is valuable and isn’t a giant advertorial. Offering quality content is a much better way to build your brand, anyway.

We can never get enough of interesting, thought-provoking, and well written articles, and we will share them far and wide, and promote across all our platforms.

Benefits of writing for Champagne Cartel:

  • You get to be part of a community of writers that cares about women, and wants to promote women’s wellbeing and happiness in a practical and meaningful way.
  • You can reach our audience of engaged, switched-on women to build your own profile.
  • Regular writers will be featured on our Writers page, with a photo and link to their website.
  • We will promote our regular writers in our social media beyond just their articles. If you have a product, service or blog you’d like us to shout about, let us know.
  • You will receive a monthly email with requests for particular topics to be written about, plus writer updates for the Cartel Writers community. You will be first to hear all our news and be invited to our events.

If you want you write for Champagne Cartel, here is what you should consider:

  • While we’d love to publish everything we receive, we have to be selective to maintain the great ladylove vibe of the site. Please email with your idea first rather than submitting an entire unsolicited article. Sometimes we might decline articles because they don’t fit with our content or quality, or we’ve recently published or commissioned something similar.
  • Your work may be edited for our site, and minor changes will not be checked with the author. Anything requiring major changes will be discussed with the author before going ahead.
  • You are welcome to submit a post from your blog but please ensure you state clearly that your article has already been published. Our preference would be that you rewrite the article slightly to ensure you are catering specifically to the Champagne Cartel audience.
  • We are also happy to publish quality work that has been written to promote a cause that furthers the wellbeing of women in some way.
  • We will make final decisions on headlines, copy and images.

If you do not agree with this condition, please do not submit your work. No hard feelings. As Salt N Pepa said, “This dance ain’t for everybody. Only the sexy people.”

When submitting a post to Champagne Cartel, please provide:

  • An article that is centred around a clearly articulated single idea. Lists, how-to’s, interviews/profiles, opinion pieces, commentary are all welcome. (As stated above, unless otherwise discussed, please pitch your idea and get approval before going ahead and writing the entire piece. Time sensitive commentary on current news items are very welcome, but we still want a short pitch first please.)
  • Links and/or images that are relevant to the piece. We use stock images but if you have images of people discussed in your story, that helps add a human element.
  • A short bio (3 sentences max, including one link) and the email address you use for your Gravatar (if you don’t have one, you’ll need one just so your image appears next to your name – it’s super easy to grab one here). Writing anonymously is totally fine – just let us know if you’d like to do that.
  • Please copy and paste the text of your article into the body of your email and also attach it – unformatted – in a Word document. Please try to keep articles at 600-800 words. Shorter is fine if the article is image-heavy. Longer is fine if the content is technical and/or a detailed ‘how-to’ piece.

Rules regarding payment for written work:

  • Champagne Cartel is a new publication and is not in a position to pay its writers right now. As soon as we are in that position we will do so, and first preference will be given to those writers who have been writing for us and bringing eyeballs to our pages.

Please send submissions to: