Our mission in life is to spread around the ladylove, like delicious honey on a giant piece of toast. We want every woman to feel deserving, loved and embraced. And we absolutely LOVE it when you share the ladylove and tell us that we are doing a good job. Here are a bunch of REAL testimonials (we don’t just make this shit up) and great feedback that we have received.

Our events

Thanks so much for a terrific night last night! My friend and I both had a great time and met some lovely ladies. You guys are adding so much value for women!


What an awesome example of the power of positive messaging on fashion! Lorna Jane will be livid that you got that one before her!
My Nevertheless t-shirt arrived yesterday and it’s perfect.
Best fitting tees EVER. Adore the length.
My fav t-shirts are the ones that say everything that is needed. I have a lot of those. However it is the CC t-shirts, like Nasty Woman, Nevertheless She Persisted etc. that get the most comments. In fact sometimes I spend more time talking to people about where I got my latest tee than I do myself. So basically my message is buy a tee from CC and people will want to talk to you too.
I was wearing my ‘nevertheless, she persisted’ t-shirt (which I wear ALL the time) when I was at a cafe with the family on Mother’s Day. I actually had a lady stop me and thank me for the t-shirt – ‘it was just what she needed’. There not just comfy, they’re having a profound affect on the people who see them!

Makeup workshops

Our Saturday session was amazing! I have been wearing my new look every day and I feel like a girl again…thank you!

The makeup session I did with you back in April was until a few weeks ago the only thing I had truly done for myself since my husband finished work and took up full-time study last July. You made me feel welcome into your home, comfortable even though I came to you as a 40-something year old who had never learned how to apply makeup. There was absolutely no judgement from you, only support and encouragement. That morning with you has hands-down been the best thing I have done for myself all year.

Our website & free content

You have created an on-line environment that rocks! Articles that are not dumbed down, you provide topics of interest that any woman who has an active brain can relate to (or scroll past if it isn’t their thing). Along with the conversations that go on in the FB Community for women to share their opinions on various topics, have a laugh or make a PSA when Dan Murphy’s has Bollinger on special (WOO HOO!!!, my particular favourite!).  I don’t need to read the rubbish on Mamamia where people are judging each other for life choices – bottle v breastfeeding; natural v c-section birth; vaccinations and the judgmental list goes on and on and it is played on high rotation (ugh!!!). I want an on-line community where I can be made aware of something that wasn’t on my radar, have a good laugh at something else and know that I’m not being judged if I have a different opinion.

I just wanted to drop you both a very quick note to say Champagne Cartel reads beautifully and looks gorgeous, what a wonderful wonderful site you have both achieved. Congratulations!


Thank you so much to you & Carolyn for all your great work with promoting my gift & business. I look forward to working with you both in the very near future. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation & am so inspired by what you & Carolyn have achieved. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentations from the other ladies also. I’ve included the link to your event wrap up on my FB page. I love your blog. Every time I read an update it triggers laughter & a big smile on my face. You ladies are absolutely AWESOME. 🙂