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Glam Eye Tea Towel

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White Glass Coffee Set – 6 cups with matching stirrers

$100.00 $25.05
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Sale! Toiletpaper Tea Pot - Beige

Melamine Tea Pot

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Typewriter Umbrella

$80.00 $40.00
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Uptown swilling!

Hey @champagnecartel, my mum Whiskey Carolyn asked me to tell you she adores her stemless champagne glasses. Reckons she's totes uptown swilling now! Thanks for the beautiful packaging too, saved my lazy ass from wrapping.

Danielle, Sydney

Voodoo Magic!

I seriously feel like that foundation is working some kind of voodoo magic, it’s the only thing that has changed in my routine but I swear even without makeup, I am looking younger?

Kirsten, Melbourne, VIC.