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Glam Eye Tea Towel

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White Glass Coffee Set – 6 cups with matching stirrers

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Sale! Toiletpaper Tea Pot - Beige

Melamine Tea Pot

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Typewriter Umbrella

$80.00 $40.00
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Not just an order number

I bought a CC shirt the other day. It says Swanky in black glitter. Best shirt ever. I have my eye on a few others too. A good quality t-shirt is a great thing! You know what i loved almost as much? It was the personal note hoping I enjoy the shirt. It's such a small gesture but has a huge impact, I wasn't just an order number 🙂


Wear a CC tee - meet new people!

My fave t-shirts are the ones that say everything that is needed. I have a lot of those. However it is the CC t-shirts, like Nasty Woman, Nevertheless She Persisted etc. that get the most comments. In fact sometimes I spend more time talking to people about where I got my latest tee than I do myself. So basically my message is buy a tee from CC and people will want to talk to you too.