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Glam Eye Tea Towel

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White Glass Coffee Set – 6 cups with matching stirrers

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Sale! Toiletpaper Tea Pot - Beige

Melamine Tea Pot

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Typewriter Umbrella

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Just what she needed

I was wearing my ‘nevertheless, she persisted’ t-shirt (which I wear ALL the time) when I was at a cafe with the family on Mother’s Day. I actually had a lady stop me and thank me for the t-shirt – ‘it was just what she needed’. There not just comfy, they’re having a profound affect on the people who see them!


Love your work girls!

All your words of wisdom, humour, thought provoking posts, along with your no boundaries (but still done in a girlie and respectful way) articles you really do inspire and make us feel strong, beautiful and worthy when some days are doing their best to beat us down. Your endless hard work is much appreciated x

Ferne, Brisbane, QLD