We are dedicated to helping you embrace your whole self, flaws and all. It’s easy to forget how great it is to be you when you are constantly being told you aren’t good enough. Here’s how to: look younger, be thinner and sexier, parent better. Here’s the thing we hate about that. It’s all coming from a place of lack. You’re not good enough and you need us to help you be better. Bugger that.

You’re ace. You are enough. We want you to believe that, and live the life you want: a life of joy and kicking serious goals that make you feel like the glorious ladyhuman you are.

We love champagne and chips and staying out late (we seriously LOVE those things). But we also love glowing with health, nurturing our bodies and spirits and kicking the big goals in life. At Champagne Cartel it’s all about doing both apologetically – and finding that balance between the two. That’s what we write about, that’s how we live our live, and that’s what we can help you do too.

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