Friday Fizz: The Week When They Let Women Do Sport

Rose Matafeo wrote and stars in Starstruck. Image: supplied

What a week, ladies, am I right? Sure, most of us our now locked down with our children during school holidays – AND with the kick-off of Dry July (hey, you can help me raise money for people affected by cancer right here).

But there is so much greatness in our world that we don’t feel a thing. That could also be because it’s freezing.

Let’s jump in!

  • First, let’s visit with the unapologetic glory that is Victoria Beckham. Bless her heart, her fashion label hasn’t turned a profit since it launched in 2008, and she’s now just decided maybe something needs to change. (We absolutely salute her grit and determination – and the fact that she has squillions in spare cash to absorb over a decade of losses. Good luck to her.) And change they have, with her latest collection being priced around 40% more affordable (we know she’d hate the word “cheaper”) than her previous collections. She’s also rolling with the COVID times and creating a streamlined look to attract a broader range of customers. But please don’t call her new duds comfortable. “I don’t like that word. It doesn’t feel elevated to me. But I do like an elegant jersey dress which is soft to wear but has a beautiful silhouette,” she said. Don’t hate us, but we’re kind of loving it.
Not exactly comfortable, but we’re digging those green pants. Source: Supplied
  • Now to sport, and we’ve got some great stuff to cover this week, but let’s start with GOAT (that’s greatest of all time) Simone Biles at the US Olympic trials performing a sizzling floor routine that has the internet LIT. (Except there will always be a few miserable dudes with comments like – and I am not making this up, please imagine his tone in your head as you read – “I don’t purport to know a lot about gymnastics, but I always thought a measure of excellence was sticking the landing and not moving from that spot”. Where would we be without precious incel commentary? Another more astute commenter suggested that when people are amazing at something they should no longer be known as the Michael Jordan of [crocheting/punctuating/Irish dancing] but the Simone Biles of said activity – because she is seriously so far above anyone else in her field. We agree wholeheartedly – see what you think below.

  • Also an absolute legend is Spanish tennis player Carla Suarez Navarro, who received a standing O at Wimbledon, even though she was defeated by Aussie Ash Barty in the first round. What’s remarkable about Carla is that she was playing for the last time at the All England Club at the age of 32 as part of her farewell tour, after coming back from a battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma. She just finished chemo in January, so her comeback is nothing short of remarkable. Even Ash Barty was on her feet for the legend, saying afterwards, “It was incredible to be able to share the court with Carla and to share this experience with her after an incredible career. She is a fighter, a great competitor, a wonderful person and you genuinely can’t find a bad word to say about her. She is a genuine champion and she is going to be very sorely missed.” Watch Carla’s proud mum in this clip and try not to tear up.

  • Someone else bowing out on her own terms is US athlete Lindsay Flach, who competed at the Olympic trials while 18 weeks pregnant. What makes that extra impressive is that Flach competed in the heptathlon while clearly rocking a different centre of gravity. She was super careful about competing, with temperatures in Eugene, Oregon reaching 43C, strategically pulling out of some events at various points – so she was never going to make the team but she clearly needed to be there. Flach had planned to try to compete at the 2020 Olympics and then try for a baby, but that global pandemic threw out her plans, so this was the best she could do, but she was not going to miss it for anything. (Also worth noting: athletes’ bodies are amazing – when I was 18 weeks pregnant I already looked like a bus.)

  • And special mention goes to Andy Murray, who has been reminding journalists that women are people too for many years now. Apparently, he still has to. I love the journalist’s uncomfortable laugh.

  • While most of us haven’t been anything beyond mildly inconvenienced by most of the country’s COVID lockdowns this week, let’s spare a thought for the nude sunbathing pair from NSW who were fined for breaching lockdown laws when they were startled by a deer, got lost in Royal National Park, and had to call for help from the SES and police. They were fined $1000 each, but the star of this show was the Auslan interpreter who appeared at NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller’s press conference about the matter. We have been watching this on repeat. She’s so good – I want her at all of my press conferences.

  • And in news that will have women everywhere watching their drinks a little closer, Bill Cosby is out of jail after having his sexual assault conviction overturned. Not because anybody decided he didn’t do it, but because of a “process violation” after Cosby had made an agreement with a previous state prosecutor. Justice at work for women again. Ask us again why we don’t bother reporting sexual assault to police or pressing charges.
  • And if that’s bummed you out and you’re wanting some light relief, have you checked out Kiwi comedian Rose Matafeo’s (pictured, at top) rom-com series Starstruck yet? Set in London, it follows a sex-positive expat who accidentally has a one night stand with a movie star that turns into something a whole lot bigger. It’s refreshingly delightful and fun, and totally free on ABC iView.

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