Handmade gifts for Christmas


It’s never too early to start planning for Christmas. In my house, I start at the Boxing Day sales, buying heavily marked down decorations,…

I love you, David Lebovitz!

I love you, David Lebovitz


You know there are some days when you just have to high-five yourself. Not for actually BEING excellent but for managing to trawl through…

Comforting words


There is a pile of books on my bedside table, taunting me. Kids by Patti Smith, some Kerouac, Bukowski. I told Champagne Gillian I…

I wanna be alone


by Tara Magdalinski I like having holidays on my own. There is no obligation to do anything, be anywhere or compromise with others on…

Dirty laundry


by Deb Bennett At the risk of sounding like I have leapt into my time machine and whizzed back to the 1950s, I’d like…

A golden moment of solitude


by Tara Magdalinski I’ve never understood men. Okay, I might need to qualify that and add that I’ve never understood men’s predilection for hanging…