My travel fantasy – and you’re invited!

This post is written in collaboration with Travel Money Oz.

I have a dream. A travel fantasy, if you will. It involves – well – travel and  girlfriends and – I’m not even sorry to say it – no children. I have been doing my research, and there are women-only resorts springing up all over the world.

Picture this: tropical weather, a pool, a drink in a hollowed-out coconut shell with a little umbrella, a leisurely swim before your massage, and then an afternoon of sightseeing before your twilight yoga class and dinner overlooking the beach to the sound of a ukulele ensemble. Books would be read in their entirety. Time would pass at a leisurely pace. You would never have to raise your voice or make threats about eating vegetables or anyone needing to remove their finger from their brother’s nose.

Your cheeks would be sunkissed and your lips slick with gloss. Your hair bounces with beachy waves and a sarong is acceptable attire for pretty much everything. You don’t have any shoes with heels and shapewear is not needed here.



Sometimes I fantasise about starting some Champagne Cartel retreats where we all go away and do exactly that – and maybe I’d throw in a few educational sessions just so it seems like a more legit thing to sell to our partners and/or babysitting loved ones.

Because then I could tell Husby it is my job to do this stuff. Let’s face it, this premise is pretty much what Champagne Cartel was built on. I take time out for myself all the time with a nod and a wave and a “I wish I could stay and scrape spaghetti off the ceiling, pumpkin, but I have to encourage women to take time out for themselves. IT’S MY JOB.”

But I digress.

This fairy tale women’s only travel event is the big dream but of course that takes money. The folks at Travel Money Oz have put together this neat quiz that will tell you your Travel Money IQ.  I’m sure with mine it was fighting every urge it had to tell me to sign over my life to someone much more fiscally responsible.

For now, though, I will dream and plot and plan and hope that we get to a point where that’s a real possibility. And when we’re ready to go with our Champagne Cartel Retreat dream, will you come? Where would you most like to get away to and what would you like to do?

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Carolyn is the editorial director of Champagne Cartel and a freelance writer. In her spare time she is a long-distance runner, peanut butter enthusiast, and single mum to three incredible humans.


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