Champagne Removalists: How to move house and stay sane

If you have been even remotely aware of my windbagging and whingeing over the past few weeks, you would know that I moved house over the weekend. But the upside is that I have secrets to share, wisdom to impart, and constructive suggestions to make your life easier. Man, I know how to move house.

Our old house was a dingy hole from hell where I hated having people over, and our new house is pretty and sunny and across the road from a quiet little park. I am already imagining barbecues and get-togethers all summer long. I’ll wear maxi dresses with a medium wedge, Husby will wield tongs like a champ, Champagne Gillian and her family will bring a fabulous plate of something for us all to share while we get quietly sauced, and our children will frolic and giggle together without fighting into the evening.

Could happen.

140930 park shot
For now, this sweet situation will do.

This move was not my first; I’ve been around this roundabout a few times before. With that in mind, I have put together a few tips to help you should the need arise to move to a shiny new abode.

Carolyn’s handy house-moving tips:

  • Set up the bar, the bathroom and the kids’ rooms. Everything else is optional. You can live out of a suitcase for up to four months with no discernible disadvantages. Beyond that, you’re officially a backpacker.
  • If you’re concerned about making a good impression, you can also set up the entrance to your home for when your new neighbours come over with a pot plant or cake. Does that ever happen? Yeah, fuck it, don’t worry about the entrance.
  • You will lose feet or wheels off every set of furniture you own. Lego is the best chock there is. But you need to make sure the kids know this and don’t remove said lego, causing tables to topple down stairs. I hear that’s not fabulous.
  • Bar: set up. Book shelf: meh, close enough.
    Bar: set up. Book shelf: meh, close enough.
  • Closet space and under-house storage are important when choosing a new home. They are the best spot for hiding boxes you intend to never unpack.
  • You know those boxes you haven’t unpacked for the past three houses? You don’t need them. Check them for precious pre-digital age photos and then turf them. Declutter your life; declutter your brain. It’s liberating!
  • Organise to have your power, gas, and wifi connected well BEFORE the afternoon before you move. Apparently the fact you’re a very important blogger is not reason enough to fast-track your internet access.
  • Relax and celebrate. Once you’ve cleaned out the old house, and your children have somewhere to bathe and sleep, you’re home. Pop the bubbly and commit to gradually unpacking all those boxes – at least by the time it’s time to move on again.

Have you moved lately? What are your handy tips?

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Carolyn is the editorial director of Champagne Cartel and a freelance writer. In her spare time she is a long-distance runner, peanut butter enthusiast, and single mum to three incredible humans.

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