Brow tattoos road test: could they work for you?

Did you pluck your eyebrows like I did when we were in our teens? I’m talking 30-plus years ago!  Then, as we get older fashion changes and the hair doesn’t grow back anymore. My brows are now thin, sparse, curly – and with hardly any brow at the end.

I’ve tried everything, and I was sick of powdering/pencilling them in every single day. Stencils for the brows didn’t work too well because now I need my glasses to see, dammit! I was perched in front of the mirror with my brow pencil, and I coloured in thick, dark brows. The 2 year old toddler I was minding walked into the room and screamed when she saw me!

The whole thing was taking too long, and the results were less than ideal. I was left wondering how could I speed up this morning routine and fill in my very sparse brows. I had been reading about tattooed brows, and then I met a lady at a luncheon who had just had them done. She had similar colouring to me, and she looked fantastic so I thought maybe I might give it a go.

When I finally plucked up the courage to make an appointment, I arrived a half hour early so they could apply an anaesthetic cream to my brow area to ease the pain. I started to get nervous; I kept asking the therapist if it was going to hurt. Would I be in that unfortunate one percent where the cream doesn’t work properly and I’m in pain? Also, once it’s done, you need to go back and refresh it every twelve months. If it hurts this time, I don’t want to think about it being an annual event!

I needn’t have worried. My therapist put me totally at ease. We discussed the type of brow I liked, and decided on a ‘powdered brow’.  She drew a line around my brows – a sort of template on which to apply the ink.  She showed me in a mirror the brows I could expect at the end of the session.

As I am blonde, I was concerned they would be too dark.  The colour she applied to my brows is called ‘Legally Blonde’. I was informed they would be dark at first, and then after 3-4 days, they would lighten up a lot, and that’s how they’d stay. Then I saw the implement of pain coming towards me and shut me eyes and grimaced…ahhhhh… it was like a gentle microdermabrasion: pain level 1 out of 10. Phew!

At the end of the appointment, I was taken through the after care process for the next few days.  I raced to my local Coles to buy the recommended cream – Bepanthen (nappy rash cream). It had been a while since I’d had to buy that! For the next few days, every few hours I would load my brows with the cream to keep them moist.

<img class="size-full wp-image-12966 aligncenter" src="" alt="Brow Tattoo Roadtest" width="1000" height="700" srcset=" 1000w,×210.jpg 300w,×538.jpg 768w,×259.jpg 370w,×399.jpg 570w,×539 visit this website.jpg 770w,×580.jpg 829w” sizes=”(max-width: 1000px) 100vw, 1000px” />

I’m thrilled with my new brows. I made a second appointment for a top up in six weeks. I may not actually need it, but darker haired ladies are encouraged to do it, and then that’s it for the next 12 months for yearly top-up maintenance.

So if you’ve been considering brow tattoos, go ahead take the plunge. It’s great to wake up with done brows instead of the scraggy looking curly mess I had before. Just do it!  I may even go for the eyeliner next!

Lovely Meagan and her new brows.

Would you get your brows tattooed?


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  • At this stage, I don’t trust anyone else enough to tattoo my brows, but maybe one day. Yours look fantastic though, and good on you for being so brave!

    • Hi Madhi – yes I was wary too and then I met someone who had had hers done so I went to her clinician. They do fade by 70% though and it’s great to look in the mirror when I first wake up and have “done” brows.

    • Hi Jill
      The brows i had done are powdered brows, and oh so natural – they do fade considerably up to 70% and with the messy brows I had I had to do something. I’m thrilled with the results.

  • I had mine done about 8 years ago and they faded within 12 months so I didn’t go back, as I didn’t want that yearly expense. But I got my eye liner done and it’s still good! I love it, but the pain on my eyes was horrendous compared with my eyebrows. Such a sensitive area!

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