100 things we know thanks to awesome women

100 things we know thanks to awesome women

We started our series ’10 things I know…’ earlier this year because we wanted to leech as much wisdom from smart women we know (or really want to know). We were totally unprepared for just how much we would love the series, how much you would love the series (thanks for all the positive feedback – it’s knocked our socks off!) and just how wise and clever all these wonderful women really are.

So we’re taking a breather today to step back and appreciate the cleverness we’ve come across so far this year. This is a great chance to catch up on the women you’ve missed, and to gear up for even more great stuff starting again next week.

Founder and CEO of GIVIT Juliette Wright is on a mission to alleviate poverty across Australia. Here, she shares what she has learned about life.

10 things I know about…

  1. making a tree change – Megan Blandford
  2. body confidence – Sonia Styling
  3. making a career leap – Katherine Mackenzie Smith
  4. living with multiple sclerosis – Carol Cooke
  5. moving to Bali – Lisa McLean (aka Sawhole)
  6. forming a new business partnership – Fleur Richardson
  7. life, which I use to guide me – Juliette Wright
  8. hormone imbalance and weight loss – Leanne Stockwell
  9. being a single mum – Danielle Colley
  10. finding calm among the chaos – Natalie Bartley


Did you have a favourite out of those?

And if you would like to share your wisdom on 10 things with us, please email me at carolyn@champagnecartel.com – I’d love to hear from you!

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