5 easy ways to summertime glam

Our special guest today is Jenni Sellan, Brisbane stylist and all-round glam queen. That’s Jenni, above, so I don’t need to tell you she knows her stuff! Take it away, Jenni…

Sun filled days, cool cocktails at the bar, long walks on the beach and sun-kissed skin…

As winter days become a distant memory, romantic notions of summer fill our minds. If we’re lucky, swish summer soirees are planned and we imagine ourselves swanning around at our most glamorous. And then the humidity levels hit record highs and we gather under the air conditioning or wait for the cool breeze that never comes. We’ve all been there; make-up melting, hair in a constant state of ‘wild’, with not one of the anti-frizz products in your bathroom living up to its promise. And then…. there is the outfit factor. Do I even have to get dressed?? How do we stay chic in the heat and keep our style cred intact?

Gorgeous looks from onsugar.com; fashionwolf.com.au; stylehunter.com
Gorgeous looks from onsugar.com; fashionwolf.com.au; stylehunter.com


There are a few keys to stylish summer dressing and underlying it all, my philosophy: Keep it simple.

  1. Keep layers to a minimum and select pieces in light and airy fabrics that breathe. Cotton, silk and linen are your summertime friends.
  2. Choose silhouettes that are fluid and floaty – think skim, not cling!
  3. Avoid dark colours, which serve as an open invitation to the sun. Instead, opt for light or white hues.
  4. When it comes to your feet, strappy leather sandals are your perfect go-to shoes. This season’s summer slides are also a great option. Where possible, choose leather. Synthetic may be cheaper, but it will be sweaty and slippery. Not glam. (And don’t forget to treat yourself to a mani, as your toes are now on show).
  5. Accessorising is an easy way to make an outfit your own by giving it your own personal stamp. Panama hats or fedoras are a great option and really versatile. If you want to really elevate your style status, try a turban or printed scarf – uber-stylish!
141020 panama hat

Come back next Monday for Jenni’s simple list of all your essentials items to look glam through the long, hot summer. What’s your best tip for looking cool through the warmer months?

In 2012 after several years of playing in the corporate world, Jenni successfully completed her diploma in professional styling and realised the dream of establishing her own business shortly after. 

On the most ideal of days, you will find Jenni writing about fashion as the Brisbane contributor for Stylehunter.com, styling a photo shoot, working with individual clients and spending countless hours devouring fashion magazines, and in between all the frivolity that is fashion, playing Mum to her two adorable babes, Ava and Xander and hanging with hubby Byron.

Jenni’s style “mantra” is ‘Nothing less than chic’ and it’s all about realising a sense of style in your everyday. Maybe it’s swanning around the house in a Kftan on a lazy Sunday afternoon when home alone, or choosing to drink your water from a wine glass, just because you can.

You can follow Jenni on Instagram @jennisellan, Facebook and Twitter.

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