5 lady blogs that will make your feed a happier place

Ah, the interwebs. It can be a really great place where people support each other, raise each other up and celebrate achievements. It can also be a place filled with click bait that will make you question yourself, your worth, what you stick in your mouth and just all of the things.

About a year ago, a popular online women’s publication ran a headline that lost me. The headline was completely inconsistent with what they project to be about it and that’s when the Day of the Great Unfollowing occurred. I unfollowed every page that had ever made me feel bad about myself, or made me question my parenting, or you know, other big lifey decision stuff.

I’m all for being challenged but some of this stuff is just ridiculous. I mean if Michelle Bridges is squatting and jogging “only six weeks after having a baby” good for her. Fuck, I was lucky to wash my hair once a week and string a sentence together. What’s the old saying, comparison is the thief of joy, right?

I’m sure there’s a good saying about judgement too. It’s just not my business to consider what Bridges, Kerr and Bingle are doing in their free time. As long as they are doing okay and not hurting anyone, why should we care? Or judge? Or think it is our place to comment?

Since the Day of the Great Unfollowing, I have focused on following people and organisations in social media that inspire me, teach me new things, give me a laugh, or who I identify positively with or simply make me say, “I hear you, girlfriend”.

These are women who call a spade a spade and will more than likely leave you feeling smarter, happier, nicer and understood.

Lady blogs and social media that will up the nice in your feed

Meet Me At Mikes

PipLincolnePip is a teacher, crafter, cook and just all round ace person. I love her sensitive approach to sometimes controversial issues, and how supportive she is of women and hunting out the nice times. I think Pip is one of the most empathetic women on the internet and her lovely blog, Meet Me At Mikes is definitely worth a follow is you want some more nice in your feed.



Mrs Woog is my spirit animal. She is ballsy and real and talks about the big stuff. She has taken writing about the “mundane” to new heights in my opinion. When someone like Kayte writes about the day-to-day things, you don’t feel so alone when you are in the trenches dealing with it. She also wrote a great book, Primary School Confidential, and if you grew up in the 80s it’s a blast from the past.

Baby Mac


I love Beth. Being a fellow mother of daughters, carb lover and gardener I find much of what she writes about really relatable. And doesn’t that make us sound like middle aged women!? Beth writes about life beautifully and gives you an honest insight into her family. It makes for funny and nice times.

Fat Mum Slim


Chantelle is another one of those lovely women who writes about nice times and delicious cake and other things. I also love her photos and she has a couple of apps that are seriously great if you like taking photos too. I think it is Chantelle’s authenticity that just shines through in her writing. What you read is what you get.

Constance Hall

<a href="http://champagnecartel.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/ContanceHall tadalafil 10mg.jpg”>ContanceHall

This list would not be complete without mentioning Con. I was lucky enough to meet the lady herself and have a good chat a couple of weeks ago at a fundraiser for Rafiki Mwena and I have to say she is just spectacular – such a generous spirit and heart. What she says isn’t scripted, it is all her. I totally get she’s not everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you don’t cuss, but the lady is a queen in my book.


Have we missed one? What’s your favourite lady blog?

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