5 ways to spot a sneaky chin whisker before the rest of the world does

Of course none of us have them…but if we did, here is the sure fire way to find those pesky mo-fos.  One word of caution about CWs (yes, that’s their code name from now on ladies) CWs are stealthy and will never – I repeat NEVER – show up when you’re looking for them.

To outsmart your stubble, follow these steps:

1. Use a mirror that isn’t yours.


There is no home ground advantage to your mirror.  For some reason, your own mirror will never show you the evil, spiky truth! Get off your home turf because whiskers love to pop up under different lighting conditions. Café bathrooms are amazing hideouts for a good surprise whisker detection session.

2. Look under fluoro lights.


Change rooms that have seriously bright lights (think teeth whitening bright) are the best place to have a quick poke around for a pointy little chin partner. Take a teen shopping in a bright shop and while they skulk around frowning at all the merchandise slip your face out back and pluck away!

3. Take a rear view.

The abundance of natural light plus the added danger of keeping your eyes on the road makes your rear view mirror the perfect place to spot a stray strand.  Be sure to pull over for the plucking to avoid death by whisker.

4. Take an important meeting.


Have you just met someone important? Had an interview or spoken at close range to someone you admire? You don’t even need a mirror to check this one, girls. It is a FACT!

5. Get touchy feely.

If you dare to slide your hand across your lady jaw don’t be surprised to find a thorn amongst the roses.  This may occur when you are comfortably sitting on the couch. If the whisker is detected, you must remove it – lest it be forgotten and take out your boss’s eye in the lift tomorrow morning.

Want to beat your CWs for good?

Book in with a trusted friend for a monthly whisker detection test. Friends don’t let friends grow a goatee! Or better yet, pay an expert to hunt down those prickly bastards and rip them out with hot, steamy wax. Being a woman has never been more glamorous, ladies.

Cheers to the big issues and ridding the world of pesky CWs.

So you have a CW hunting tip to share?



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Bron Sheridan is the hilariously honest Melbourne based stylist, blogger and Boss Mama behind Flat Bum Mum. She writes about staying stylish during the madness of motherhood. Bron loves sharing styling tips with women to help them look their best every day.


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