7 easy tricks that will make you feel like Wonder Woman

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We were lucky enough to attend the Aim for the Stars Women in Leadership Forum last week. Aim for the Stars is the organisation run by the incredible Layne Beachley (who spoke at the event ), that champions women in all aspects of life who are trying to do cool things. Whether it’s business, sport, the arts, humanitarian work…whatever. As long as you’re aiming for the stars, they’re interested. And super inspirational.


7 easy tricks that will make you feel like Wonder Woman
Getting our corporate on to hear the wonderful Layne Beachley talk

As part of that day we heard from Dr Cathy Foley from CSIRO, who is an incredibly accomplished scientist (and therefore well practised in moving around in a man’s world) about how to feel more powerful at work – and in your everyday life.

I thought I’d just share her 7 tips with you here because they really resonated with me:

1. Stand like a superwoman for two minutes. You know how Wonder Woman does it? Or Beyonce when she’s being super fierce? Yeah, do that. You might feel like a dick, but it’s been scientifically proven to increase confidence. So if you have a meeting coming up where you really want to take charge, try a power pose. You can even lock yourself in the toilets to do it. It will still have the same effect.

7 easy tricks that will make you feel like Wonder Woman
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2. Be a glass is half full person. Sure, some things may suck. But there are always things that are great too. Every life has ups and downs, but it’s the people that focus on what they DO have, rather than what they don’t have, that do well.

3. Learn to love life. This can be tricky for some, but it’s about finding joy in your every day. It’s always there if you look for it.

4. Open your heart. Acts of kindness are so important and they make us feel good about ourselves. Whether it’s charity work, or just holding a door open for someone, there is always a way to be kind.

5. Take care of yourself. We are ALWAYS banging on about this one. Treat yourself with love. Eat nutritious foods, exercise, get a pedicure, drink the champagne (but not too much). Treat yourself with love, because you are worthy.

6. Have a sense of humour. It’s that old saying, none of us is getting out of this gig alive, so we may as well see the funny side. And isn’t everything more fun if you have a laugh?

7. Try. It doesn’t matter what it is. Try something. Because when you’re trying something, there is hope that you might succeed. And sure, sometimes you’ll fail, but you’ll learn from that, and put that learning into the next thing you try. To try is to be optimistic about your future.

I was quietly fist-pumping through all of those points, and I loved them so much I thought I’d share them with you. I hope you get something out of them too. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some power posing to do…

7 easy tricks that will make you feel like Wonder Woman

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