The best sparkling wines under $20

The best sparkling wines under $20

If you’ve ever met me (or laid on eyes on me on social media), you’ll know how much I love a glass of bubbly. Like, I REALLY love a glass of fizz with friends.

I’ll pretty much crack a bottle of French any day, but there are times when the budget calls for restraint. At those times I have some tried and tested favourites in different price ranges.

I’ve shared The best sparkling wines under $30 but also written about some absolute corkers if you want something more affordable 5 best sparkling wines under $10.

As I mention in my other posts, I list readily available wines that you should be able to get anywhere. I choose mainstream wines, because realistically, most of the time that’s how I buy my wine. In fact, generally I’m sending husby off to the local just before my guests are due!

I am also signed up to Naked Wines as an Angel so I can help fund winemakers to hand-craft great wines… so if you want to help the Australian wine industry this is one little thing you can do.

Anyhoo! Here’s my pick of the best sparkling wines between $10 and $20

The best sparkling wines under $20This French number is a favourite of my Aunty Helen who always brings it to Stradbroke Island for our family Christmas quaffing. And it’s an absolute bargain when you by in a six at $12.

The best sparkling wines under $20A gorgeous crisp sparkling from New Zealand from the winery known for fruity whites. I love this one at lunch time with a big platter of rocket and potato salad, topped with smoked salmon.

The best sparkling wines under $20I am a fan of the Croser sparklings as I feel like I am getting good value for money. I think because they have some sophistication and a slight ‘yeastiness’ they make you feel like you could be drinking a vintage or a champagne.

The best sparkling wines under $20I love my cold climate Tassie sparklings and this one doesn’t disappoint for the price.

The best sparkling wines under $20Look this is an absolute classic and a totally solid fall back option if your bottle shop doesn’t have a wide selection. I had included in my list of under $30 wines but I am happy to report that you can get it now under $20!

The best sparkling wines under $20I have included this sparkling because Carolyn really likes it. I actually don’t LOVE it in all honesty (oooooh, fightfightfight!). I would probably go for one of the other options over this one, but the fact that it is popular with Carolyn (and many of my lady friends if I’m to be truthful) makes me think that maybe I’m the one with the problem. Do you like it?

Do you have a favourite sparkling under $20? Tell me! I’m always dying to try something new!


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