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I love bags of all shapes and sizes, but in the whirlwind of babies and life I have ended up either carrying a nappy bag or a bottomless pit of a handbag that I picked up second hand at my daughter’s school fete last year. Then a few weeks ago, I left a Lindt ball in the bottom of said handbag on a hot day and now everything is disgusting.

Cut to a couple of days before my birthday last week. Husby had taken the kids out shopping for my birthday, and when they got back they were all crowded around, excitedly chattering about how they couldn’t tell me where they’ve been or what they’ve been doing. Little Red, now 2, threw herself between me and the other children, shouting, “NO! NO TELL MUMMY HER PRESENT!”

We were all amused at her vigour on the matter, and after the conversation died down everyone else left the room and went about their lives once again. Everyone except Little Red, who tiptoed over to me and whispered in my ear, “handbag,” and then ran giggling from the room.

And lo and behold, on my birthday I did receive a handbag. An Annapelle Compartment Tote in jade, to be precise. Green is my favourite colour, so Husby did extremely well. I’ve never heard of Annapelle before but they make a damn fine – all leather – bag. The best thing – apart from all the compartments, where there is a place for EVERYTHING, including an iPhone 6 – is that it has a flat bottom, so it sits politely wherever you leave it.

150211 annapelle handbag

You can pick one up for yourself from Myer if you like. And they’re on sale in a big way!

I have also been doing a lot of overnight or two-night trips lately, and have struggled between a gigantic suitcase and a tiny overnighter. One is too big, one isn’t big enough – and both of the bags I own are heavy in their own right, which means I can’t stuff them with all that extra shopping I love to fit in while I’m away. (Actually, I don’t do that much shopping while I’m away, but I do end up coming back with more stuff – every time. Who knows where it comes from?)

Enter the Paklite Escape Duffle Collection.

150211 Escape Large_ Green resized

Holy smoke! I didn’t think I really cared about my luggage until I got this baby. It is so light it is almost ridiculous. Plus it has wheels and an extendable handle so when all my gear is unceremoniously stuffed into it, I can wheel it along behind me instead of lugging it like a deranged fool. Actually, Little Red is so taken with this bag, she’s been wheeling it around the house too. And of course I got it in green.

The Paklite duffles come in three sizes: small for overnight escapes, medium for weekend escapes (that’s the one I got), and large for holiday escapes. The fabric is incredibly hardy too, so I’m expecting this one to be my go-to weekender for many years to come.

Do you have a favourite bag or brand?


*The Paklite bag was gifted to me to trial but the post is unsponsored and is all my own words. The Annapelle bag was technically gifted to me, but that was by my husband and kids, so I don’t think that counts.


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