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Over the weekend, I was lucky to have two of my Champagne chums Gillian and Mia over to visit. Champagne Gillian and I live in Brisbane so I get to see her regularly and our kids play together (actually, her son is a little bit in love with my daughter, five years his senior – I’m hoping it sticks because he is scrumptious). I met Gillian through my husband seven years ago. She was one of the many fantastic people that came with the whole Husband Package. The first time we met, which was at a party at my now-husband’s apartment, Gillian spent the entire evening ignoring me and I thought she was incredibly rude. Lucky for us, we have had many opportunities to bond since then. Now we are firm friends and will be forever and ever, if I have my way.

I met Champagne Mia in this magical imaginary world called the interweb when we were both pregnant with our almost three year olds. We shared symptoms, excitement and fears about our impending little people. But last weekend was the first time we met in person – a modern and strange experience. Lucky for me, Mia was even more intelligent, warm and funny (not to mention glamorously Amazonian, damn her) than I expected.

tara carolyn
Tara and Carolyn are super excited to see each other.

Champagne Tara visited from Dublin a few weeks ago, and we got to have morning tea in the park and watch our kids play together as well. I met her on the same site where I met Mia. Tara is originally from Brisbane so I have had the chance to meet her before and was super excited to get the chance to pick up where we left off. Tara is incredibly smart, sharp as a tack and so incredibly funny. She promises one day she will leave behind that grey, rainy European existence and rejoin the Brisbane fun. I’m counting the days.

And in a couple of months, I am planning on visiting the Melbourne cartel – Deb, Sarah and Mia (again). Champagne Deb and I went to uni together where we were idealistic writers who were going to pen the Great Australian Novel. Or something. I don’t remember, I was pretty drunk.  (Actually, we were the dorky mature-age students sitting down the front with our hands up all the time. Sorry, cool kids – I know we were pretty annoying.) Deb is incredibly wise and loves a chat – which is lucky. She is also the best editor I know.

Champagne Sarah and I met in antenatal classes over nine years ago when we had our beautiful daughters. We bonded over strange bodily functions, extreme fatigue, Dr Phil and general cluelessness and desperation. Sarah is probably the most generous person I know – and a very talented musician. She even sang the first song my husband and I danced to at our wedding. If you all sit very still and behave, you might get to hear more about that side of her life some day. Honestly, if you ever get the chance to hear her sing, you can die happy.

When I was younger, I was quick to assess new friendships and decide whether someone was likely going to be a bestie for life or not. If they weren’t, I didn’t really bother with them because I didn’t see the point. Now I revel in the fact that I have all different kinds of friends, with different factors in common, and with different levels of intimacy (not like that, don’t be crass!).

Putting together Champagne Cartel has been a joyful surprise as I get to peel back layers of these smart, funny and talented working mums I am lucky enough to call my friends. I am constantly delighted to read their posts and learn about something new from each of them.

I hope you’re enjoying getting to know everyone too. I’ll share more photos whenever I can. We’d love it if you would share our little blog with friends, family, or even people you don’t like very much – we’re not fussy. We have loads more to share and we’re looking forward to more fun and frivolity as we grow together.


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Carolyn is the editorial director of Champagne Cartel and a freelance writer. In her spare time she is a long-distance runner, peanut butter enthusiast, and single mum to three incredible humans.

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