Champagne, lychee and dragonfruit granita

Tropical fruit season is another reason to celebrate summer while it lasts. Lychees mean love to those that know them. I like the fresh stuff best. Personally, I would wait until the next summer before using a tinned or frozen product for this one but maybe you like that stuff. I’ll leave it up to you.

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Dragon fruit are what my daughter would call an ‘adult’ fruit. They have a very floral nose and flavour: perfect in this combination. Pink or yellow skin, they come with either purple or white flesh. Ask the fruit shop guy if you’re not sure how to pick a good one, or try this Wiki How guide.

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200ml Champagne or your favourite bubbles
8 – 10 lychees (shelled and pipped)
½ medium dragon fruit
1 tablespoon of liquid glucose


Blend everything with a stick blender, vitamiser or bullet contraption until smooth. Pour into a shallow freezer proof tray. Freeze overnight.

When fully set and you’re ready to serve, scratch the surface with a fork continuously until you have light fluffy ice shavings. This is pretty much an adult ‘snow cone’.

Serve with a wedge of fresh lime in a fabulous glass as a simple appetiser or between courses as a palate cleanser. A particularly pleasing, purple palette cleanser if you will. Your guests will be impressed: guaranteed.

Alternatively serve in a fabulous glass and cover with more bubbles for a great summer champagne cocktail.





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