Friday Fizz: the best dinner party conversation starters for the weekend

Serena Williams

This week has been a rich vein of awesome and hilarious news. Here are our favourite finds of the week:

The gender wars of household chores: a feminist comic – stuff we all know about mental load, but summed up beautifully in a gorgeous cartoon

Emma Stone shares the empowering message about anxiety she wrote when she was just 9

Tanya Hennessy breaks down the struggles of having big boobs – “glad bags full of soup” is all we’ll say, check it out

A jogger known as the ‘mad pooper’ keeps shitting on people’s lawns – I am SO fascinated with this story!

Josh Thomas helps save school from Cory Bernadi fuckery, raises over $20,000 – so, so great – and total has now surpassed $200,000!

Crazy Shit: name of Melbourne winery has people in hysterics – a great reminder to do your research when it comes to language

Serena Williams writes a moving open letter to her mum – and we’ve all got something in our eye – hero image courtesy of this article

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