Friday Fizz: bubbles of awesome from the web

Mia Cobb is for the dogs – in an unashamed move of self-promotion, our first find this week was written by Champagne Carolyn about Champagne Mia about her work advocating for Australian working dogs. She is pretty freaking amazing, just between us. Check out her beautiful Dumbo Feather interview.

A glimpse of how the media treated women this year – think there is nothing left for feminism to achieve? Check out how women were represented in the media in 2013, and keep up the good fight, sisters.

Incredibly precocious but very astute young poet nails what sucks about being a woman. In verse, of course. This made me go ‘wow’ a little bit.

131212 chocolate-raspberrry-champobrd-balls

Chocolate raspberry Chambord balls – Essentially Jess has come up with what might just be the best thing ever invented.

The best explanation of depression I have ever seen. And it’s animated and with a cute puppy for those with a short attention span. Really amazingly great.

131212 Gingerbread-Ice-Cream_thumb

Healthy gingerbread ice cream – I don’t eat a lot of sugar but every Christmas, I treat myself to a tub of gingerbread ice cream. My favourite treat of the whole year! (I don’t eat it all in one go, in case you’re wondering – I stretch it out for WEEKS by eating it a spoonful at a time.) Lick Ice Cream do an amazing gingerbread ice cream but the ever-awesome Chocolate Covered Katie has amazed me this year by coming up with a healthy version. Oooh, that means I could eat gingerbread ice cream any time of the year! *head explodes*

What did we miss this week? Please share your finds or your best posts below so we can all share in the awesome fabulousness.

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