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Happy Friday Champagne chums! I hope your week has been a sensational one. I have to tell you, I’m excited that school is going back next week and our lives can get back into some sort of routine. Love the holidays when they start; love it when they end! It feels like the real start to the new year, if that makes sense.

This year for me is all about building up my freelance writing business, finding some moments of peace and solitude, and (as we all know by now) running a shitload. So far, so good!

Enjoy our bubbles of awesome this week – especially the irony that I have juxtaposed a link on why women try so hard to look good to conform to society’s demands next to links on how to have pretty hair and wear a nice dress. ‘Cause that’s how I roll – BAM!

  • 5 good things for you – Lisa from Random Acts of Zen has put together a list of five things that will make you feel good. They are really lovely, but starting a collection is not something I had ever considered before. Check out her post and see why you should do it.
  • Sensational moment from Cate Blanchett at the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards calling out the sexism in the way women are treated by the media. Love her!
  • The lady stripped bare – Tracey Spicer’s fabulous TEDx talk about the ridiculous processes women put themselves through in order to be acceptable to society. Her beauty regimen is way more involved than mine, but she still has some great points – and her delivery is excellent and memorable.

  • 15+ ways to style a donut bun – Some of you may have seen on Facebook the excitement I felt earlier this week  when I finally worked out how to work my hair into a donut bun (I know, welcome to 2011!). Now I can do it, there’s no stopping me. My Hair Romance has opened up the door to a world of bun possibilities. Watch me as I wear my hair in a bun for five weeks and then never do it again.
My amazing hair handiwork
My amazing hair handiwork
  • 15 ways to style a black maxi – I have a black maxi that I have never worn because it’s a bit unforgiving. (What do you mean, ‘Why did I buy it?’ Shut up. You don’t know me. You don’t know what I’ve been through, man…Yeah, probably shouldn’t have bought it.) This has given me hope that I can find something to do with the damn thing – summer and winter. Thanks, Andrea from Fox in Flats!
  • A very cool way to separate eggs – I’ve read about doing this but kind of wondered at the point. But this video shows how easy and fast it is – and is also bizarrely compelling viewing. Watch it – you won’t be able to look away.

What did we miss this week? What’s awesome that we don’t know about?

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