Friday Fizz: Great moments for women this week

Happy Friday, you gorgeous thing! Look at how you crushed that week and kept yourself looking HOT the whole time. What a legend! Now, as your reward, we have pulled together our favourite moments for women this week. So grab yourself a coffee or a glass of something fun, sit back, and enjoy. xx

  • If you watch nothing else this week, please watch Glenn Close (who was nominated but did not win an Oscar for the eighth time), not only showing her knowledge of great film and music, but also twerking like a boss.
  • And while we’re on the Oscars, Yuh-Jung Youn became the first Korean actor to win an Oscar, for her work in Minari. Not only did she fan-girl all over Brad Pitt, who handed her the statue, but she really became our hero when we read a quote by her from blog by Minari production company A24. “Staying in my bed the whole day is my pleasure and my hobby,” she said. “I like to watch TV or just doze, not thinking about anything — it’s whatever I want to do. I’m sorry to say that I’m really enjoying quarantine, because I can rest. I don’t have to see anybody. I can just stay home 24 hours a day and stay in bed, my favourite place.” #100%relatable
  • If you’re dreaming of chucking it all in and getting all Eat, Pray, Love, a town in Sicily is offering homes for the price of a cup of coffee. The catch (you knew there was one, right?) is that it’s guaranteed to be a fixer-upper and you have to submit a detailed plan of how you’ll renovate within the next three years. But on the plus side, the town of Castiglione di Sicilia is located on the slopes of Mt Etna, near Taormina and the beaches of Sicily’s east coast. It’s the mayor’s idea to revive a dying town, with about 900 abandoned homes to fill. It isn’t the worst idea we’ve heard today…
  • If you’re looking for a new poddie to listen to, get your ears over to Melissa Doyle’s new passion project, Age Against the Machine. As someone who has hit 50 while working in the public eye and was then dumped from her morning TV job a few months later for totally unrelated (*cough*) reasons, Mel has lots to say about menopause, sex, political representation, and financial security. She’s informed, smart and not afraid to say what she thinks. We’re loving it.
  • And while this isn’t for or about women per se, it gave a giggle to those of us missing office life while working from home. Apparently now you can get office-scented candles, so you don’t have to just imagine that scent of cheap coffee, photocopier toner and passive aggressive kitchen notes about your mother not working here.


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