My goodness bowl (and easy directions so you can make it too)

The gorgeous and clever Sarah Britton recently posted a recipe for her Winter Abundance Bowl. A simple bowl of wholesome yumminess to nurture the body and soul. Soooo nice!

There’s a load of similar things on the internet, vegan lunch bowls, big salad bowls, etc. and these have all inspired me to create with my own version.

So today I bring you my very own goodness bowl. A little more elaborate than Sarah B’s, and YES I know, in comparision to hers, my photography is absolutely frightful.

140224 goodness close up 1

But what the heck – I hope you like it anyway.

I suppose you could describe this as a warm salad? It’s served with some yummy rice, lentil cakes and a scattering of nuts n’ stuff. Basically a few different elements that are brought together by a delicious Asian-inspired dressing.

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Cook some brown rice (as you normally would – I use a rice cooker with two cups water to one cup brown rice) but at the beginning add a half teaspoon of turmeric, some salt and the zest and juice of a lemon to the cooking water. I also add some peppercorns and cloves to add a touch of warmth.


Roast some vegetables on a baking tray in a 200 degree oven until they are softened. I LOVE sweet potato and cauliflower, but beetroot, pumpkin, zucchini and parsnips would go well too.

At the same time, roast some tomatoes, onion, garlic and capsicum in a separate dish. I like to do these together in a glass dish to capture the juices and so the flavours meld. You end up with a sweet, caramelised warm salsa.

I also steam some silverbeet in a frying pan with a bit of olive oil, water, salt and pepper. You could easily use kale or cavolo nero. Or even just use raw baby spinach.


140224 goodness_sprinkles 1

The first sprinkles are toasted nuts. I used cashews, but whatever you have on hand is fine. Do them in a frying pan on a medium to high heat, watch them – they can burn quickly.

Then make a coconut sambal in the same frying pan. Cook a chilli, an onion and some lemongrass in coconut oil till softened. Then add a teaspoon of brown sugar, some salt and a few tablespoons of shredded coconut. Fry until it’s brown and a bit crispy.

Also chop some herbs, I used coriander and mint.

Set these three elements aside, they will be scattered on at the end.


140228 goodness lentils 1

I made mini lentil and cumin cakes for this goodness bowl but you could use marinated chicken or tofu, lamb or fish. Or leftover roast chook? Anything that takes your fancy.

To make the cakes, cook 250g of red lentils in 500ml of water, until they turn a bit translucent and the water is absorbed. Add a bit more water if they are drying out but not cooked yet.

Then fry an onion with some ginger, garlic, turmeric and cumin seeds. Add the lentils and squash it all together. Allow to cool then form into walnut sized balls. Flatten slightly and put on an oiled tray and cook in oven at 180 degrees, for 25 minutes, turning halfway.


This is a really delicious, satay-style dressing and I reckon it pulls the whole bowl together. I got this great recipe from Oh She Glows.

Once you made the elements just pile them in a bowl together.

Yeah sorry, I know it’s not quick to prepare but I would recommend making large quantities of everything so you can have for lunch over a few days. But, trust me, it’s well worth the effort!

What do you think? Would you give this a crack? Are you into the whole abundance bowl craze?

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