I love you, David Lebovitz

I love you, David Lebovitz!

You know there are some days when you just have to high-five yourself.

Not for actually BEING excellent but for managing to trawl through all the shit on the interweb and find something totally awesome.

This is what I found – a recipe for chocolate sauce.

lebovitz SilkyChocSauce

Not just any ol’ chocolate sauce. David Lebovitz’s silky, shiny pot of tastiness. I made it in about two minutes and it was so fantasmagorical that I wanted to just dive into the saucepan and rub it all over myself.

If you haven’t heard of David Lebovitz, do yourself a favour and get on his blog. He’s a chocolate hotshot, a pastry chef, baker and author of some incredible, delectable, luscious recipe books.

lebovitz man

He worked for 13 years at Chez Panisse in Berkley, California. Which is kinda a big deal. Chez Panisse is a food institution and a foodie mecca.

Anyway, he’s awesome.

Go on, read his stuff, cook one of his recipes and when you’re next in Paris visit some places on his list).

I will. When I’m next in Paris.

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