The latest party drug in Europe is totally legal – and delicious!

Forget the illicit deals done in back alleys. If you want a high in some parts of Western Europe now, you might want to consider doing a line of chocolate. Yep, that is totally happening.

Cacao is replacing alcohol and other party drugs such as ecstasy according to Ozy. Cacao contains energy-boosting iron, protein and magnesium, which leaves you feeling a bit peppier when you eat it as a truffle or some such. But clubs are selling cacao drinks and cacao pills that promise to give you a sweet sweet high.

And Belgian chocolatier Dominique Persoone has even invented a special device to help you snort your cacao if you’re that way inclined. (Presumably the old rolled up $50 note is a bit low rent.)

Never mind you can head down to Wray’s Organic and buy a great wadge of cacao and do it all yourself at home.

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And just about any Sarah Wilson recipe could see you podium dancing until dawn.

Which all leads to the question I know you’re wondering:

What kind of fuckwit would snort chocolate?

Yes, sure. But the OTHER obvious question:

Is it safe?

The answer is a resounding, “hmmmmmm”. You’ll be hard pressed to find a doctor to recommend snorting any substance to get high, even if you can also make delicious cookies out of it. Must be in the fine print of the Hippocratic Oath. And it’s all so new that no real research has been done yet.

In the meantime, smuggle a block of your favourite chocolate into the club next time you’re out and lose yourself.

Guaranteed when you wake up you’ll remember everything perfectly.

Would you give cacao shots a go?



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