Making great plans for yourself is not just for new years

Already the joy of new year has passed, and the momentum of 2016 is in swing as we start March. New Year’s Day seems like only a week ago and I remember chilling out in the clear waters of Noosa Main Beach thinking 2015 passed way too quickly. Where did time go? I am determined to approach 2016 differently.

Life events in late 2014 saw me abandon some good habits in early 2015 meaning I started the year off in a state of manic confusion. And, instead of chillaxing and regrouping, I bit off more than I could chew and over committed myself. Suddenly, I found myself spending early 2015 trying exhaustingly to make everything work. It wasn’t until the second half of 2015 that I became self-aware, slowed down and picked up my forsaken good habits!

Thank God I have started this year with a better life balance. Although I do have this excitable, passionate personality that gets aroused by new opportunities to learn, adventure and achieve. I have to keep this part of me in check and pace myself.  Otherwise, the goals I have chosen to work on in 2016 will be moved to tomorrow. Tomorrow will become the next day. Which will become next week and before I know it, next month, possibly next year…

Here are the strategies I use to keep focused and in check:

1.       Prioritisation

I look at what I have chosen to work on and prioritise it in order of importance to me. I leave the list for one to two days and then come back to review the list and my priorities. I then make any necessary adjustments.

I choose the top two to three goals to work on and keep the list close at hand for future reflection.

2.       Planning time


I choose the first two to three priority goals and break them up into small chunks, assigning milestone dates to them.

I then schedule out my time between work, family and friends, and allocate time to work on my goals.

I also include in my schedule some down time just to relax, do nothing or treat myself. This is so important. And without this in your schedule, you could burn out or easily fall off the band wagon. We all need time to recuperate and to reflect on our lives and to have absolute fun.

3.       Be flexible and adaptable

I like to compare life with the ocean. Sometimes there are smooth, calm waters with beautiful sunrises and sunsets. During these times it is quite easy to make progress in all aspects of our lives. Other times, no matter how prepared we are, we may experience unforeseen storms with grey green skies, tsunami type waves and horrifying currents. It may or may not be possible to keep progressing work on your goals at these times.

I make sure I take all the time I need to ride out the storms and recover before jumping back on the wagon. After weathering these storms I review my list of goals.

4. Review your list

I keep my original list of goals close at hand and review it after major life events and bi-monthly during periods of calm seas. I use this time to review my goals and priorities. Sometimes I add or subtract from the list or change the priority ranking and incorporate the new top 2-3 goals into my time schedule.

5. Honour and love you


No matter where I am at and what has happened or is happening, I take some time to acknowledge my achievements and good points. I also reward myself.  It is so important that we approach ourselves with unconditional love and acceptance. After all, each and every one of us is AWESOME, has done, and is doing an amazing job.

There is absolutely no one uniquely as BEAUTIFUL as our own selves on this planet. Accept and love who you are, and where you are at on your MAGNIFICENT journey!

Keep up the great work!

How are you on accepting and honouring your awesome self? What would you like to do better?



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Samantha Deveson is the Principle Remedial Massage Therapist & Owner of Verve Massage in Brisbane. In addition to helping people feel great, Samantha enjoys yoga, meditation, latin dancing, water sports & the great outdoors.

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