Oh l’amour! 5 ways to spice things up this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has a way of bringing out the romantic in me. If you celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s a lovely reminder to tell your partner what they mean to you, and it certainly doesn’t have to be boring! If you’re over the red-rose-and-heart-covered-cards scenario, here are some hot tips get your heart pumping and make Valentine’s Day sizzle!

1. Do something that’s sexy and thoughtful. Last Valentine’s Day, for example, I covered the bathroom mirror in a huge heart made of pink post it notes. On every post it note, I wrote something that I loved about my man. Everyone wants to know they are appreciated. Make sure you include things you love about their body, mind and the way they make you feel. You can also leave notes around, in their sock drawer, shoes or computer bag. Let your lover know what you’d like to do when they get home that night!  In busy lives, time is a sexy commodity.

2. Skin on skin action. I’m talking about a sexy, relaxing massage of course. Get yourself some scented massage oil and massage your naked partner. There is something brilliantly sensual about touch to bring you closer together. The trick here is gentle massage rather than digging your elbows in, unless of course they’re into that! Anticipation of what will come next is very exciting.

3. Dress ups and strip downs. Ditch the cotton undies or flannel PJs for a matching set of lingerie. Buying yourself a sexy new bra and knickers is always an awesome thing to do. If you always wear black, try red. A garter belt and stockings may bring out your inner diva, or a sheer teddy might light their fire if it’s not your normal boudoir attire. Dab perfume on your thighs, stomach and neck.  Light candles, turn down the lights and enjoy. Remember, confidence is king when it comes to lingerie, and it comes in all shapes and sizes.

4. Set your senses on fire. We all know that taste and smell are two powerful senses, so it makes sense that food can be a powerful precursor to sexy play. Try blindfolding your partner and feeding them some of their favourite foods. Sweet foods work well, such as chocolate, honey or ice cream but you can choose almost anything. Body parts covered in chocolate are a very nice dessert. Since laughter is also a powerful aphrodisiac, remember to have fun with this and not take it too seriously.

5. Get a little naughty. Wondered what it might be like to stage your own 50 Shades of hotness? Ever dressed up in a nurse outfit or fantasised about being a police officer? Role play is a great way to surprise your partner. Adult sex shops have become very mainstream, so a visit to one can be lots of fun. They tend to have a large range of costumes in many sizes. For the more timid, you can buy sexy costumes on line. What did we ever do before the internet?! While you’re at it, why not check out some sex toys? There are so many on the market these days that you’re sure to find something that will tickle your fancy!

Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?

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IMAGE SOURCE: All sexy costume images featured are from 3Wishes.com

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