What to wear on Valentine’s date night

Valentines Day is a load of arse in many ways.

Here are some things I really don’t like about Valentine’s Day:

  1. Hideous metallic heart balloons tied to fuzzy pink teddy bears. Stay clear of naked flames, those puppies are FLAM-A-BULL.
  2. Manky supermarket flowers that get snapped up at 5.30pm by slack partners on their way home from work, who frankly should be shot for thinking that a gesture as lazy as this would be appreciated. We all deserve so much better.
  3. Vapid, greeting card sentimentality. There’s a definite underlying wiff of judgement that infers you’re not good enough if you’re single or too cynical to buy into it.
  4. Cheap, refined-sugar-filled chocolate tinfoil wrapped ‘treats’ that taste disgusting and hurt your liver a lot. Bin. Now.

But here’s what I love about Valentine’s Day…

It is a little nudge that reminds us to take some time out and appreciate our significant other.

Sure, sure, sure we should do it every day but we all know that life gets in the way and sometimes you just really want to clock them with a pepper grinder.

So this Valentine’s Day, why not put down the pepper grinder and make an effort. Book in a date night at a restaurant or the driving range (is that weird?) or the movies. Or just spend some time together looking into each others eyes and pashing on the couch (ew, ok sorry that sounds gross).

And if you are looking for inspiration for outfits, here you go!

Vamp it up

Valentine's Day date night inspiration - get your vamp on . Vavooom!

Sacha Drake Kraftwerk Batwing Dress
ASOS Curves BodyCon Dress
ASOS Tie Front Frill Playsuit
Wheels & Doll Baby Red Satin Gilda Dress
Curvy All Wrapped up in Black Bra

Be the boss

Valentine's Day date night inspiration - The Dominatrix - make em beg for it

Wheels and Doll Baby Satin Trench
Alexander McQueen Wide Sleeve Tunic from David Jones
Sass and Bide Moonless Night in Black Top
Isabella’s Passion Gail Faux Leather Bra Set
Camilla and Marc Sabine Jacket from David Jones
Miss Guided Midi Shirtdress in Black Leather


You deserve a rest

Valentine's Day date night inspiration - it's better with wine and pyjamas!

ASOS Giant Animal Print Tee and Joggers
Country Road Striped Cotton Harem Pants
ASOS Chelsea Peers Elephant Print Onesie
Peter Alexander Candy Cotton Pyjamas
Juicy Couture Original Velour Tracksuit worth nearly $400!!!!!!
Miss Guided Lingerie Night Dress


Boho-licious lovin

Valentine's Day date night inspiration -The Boho Babe, gorgeous and sexy

Free People Modern Kimono Dress in White
H&M Pale Pink Chiffon Playsuit
Bardot Penny Flip Dress in Navy
Bardot White Off the Shoulder Augusta Dress
Bec and Bridge Astral Dancer Cutaway Dress from David Jones
Free People Essence Wrap Dress


Who doesn’t love leopard?

Champagne Cartel Valentines Minx

Isabella’s Passion Animal Print Bodysuit
Wheels and Dollbaby Baby Cat Man Trap Dress
ASOS Curve Snow Leopard High Waist Bikini
ASOS Ganni Maxi Dress in Mesh Leopard
Bardot Boogie Nights Dress

Will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day? What’s your V-Day style?


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