Rock your stock with these two secret ingredients

Last year I posted a simple recipe for how to make a really beautiful, wholesome chicken stock.

140618 chicken stock yum

It’s been quite a popular article and I received some wonderful feedback from people who have tried it and never looked back. YAY, I’m so happy that I can convert people to the joys of making your own stock!! And you know bone broth is all the rage right now 😉

Especially because it’s cold and we’ve got colds and we all like healing chicken soup. Right?


So today I am going to share something awesome with you. It’s going to rock your world if you love your stock.

A really amazing naturopath shared a stock secret with me. She gave me the two mystery ingredients that will supercharge your bone broth.

How can I improve on perfection you ask?

Well, when you chuck all your ingredients in together at the beginning, you just need to add these two crazy-cat secret ingredients.

140618 secret ingredients collage

1. a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with the mother (I don’t know about you but everytime I say this I pretend to be a rapper and say “with the MUTH-ah”).


2. a small handful of dried seaweed (doesn’t matter what kind)

The apple cider vinegar helps breakdown the protein in the chicken, which will help boost the protein in the soup. The seaweed is bloody good for you but if you’re not into the flavor or wanting to hide it from fussy kids, this is a great way to pump up the nutrition without the taste.

I love that it is SO SIMPLE.

Cool huh!

Do you have any great tips or tricks you use when making stock? I’d truly LOVE to hear them. Fire away!



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