What if you stopped worrying about getting shit done?

What if you stopped worrying about getting shit done? Champagne Cartel

What sort of tools do you have in place to make you more productive. Are you like me, and have lists all over your house and office? I tend to have three or four on the go at once because when I think of something I have to write it RIGHT NOW.

I have Evernote on my phone and iPad to save ideas, web pages, recipes, and all manner of stuff I think I might need later.

Then there are the post-it notes, the notebooks (by the bed, on my desk at home, on my desk in the office, in my handbag…), the Google calendar reminders, the cryptic collection of words on Notepad in my phone, and the scribbled bits of paper I put in my purse when I’m out and about.

I have a calendar on the wall in my kitchen, where my husband and I gather and write our work trips and family plans when we remember – generally about once a month.

Clearly I need to read one of the eleven books I own about productivity and how to plan my day better, right?

Pfffft. I’ve got a better idea. What if I just go do the things I need to do?

What if you stopped worrying about getting shit done? Champagne Cartel

What if I ditch all of those articles I’ve saved about getting shit done, and I just go get shit done?

There are absolutely some effective techniques out there that can teach us new and interesting ways to live our days more efficiently, but I have to let you in on a secret: it’s a really long time since I’ve read one of those and actually put those tips into place.

Know why? I’m too busy and I don’t have the headspace to form a new habit right now.

I appreciate the irony.

But instead of beating myself up about it, I’m going to go to bed half an hour earlier and get a decent night’s sleep.

I’m going to put away the self help stuff and read a historical novel for a change.

I’m going to unsubscribe from all those ‘women kicking arse in business’ podcasts and listen to some about running or music because that’s more relaxing.

I’m going to stop beating myself up for being disorganised and just get on with doing what I do. Because really, I’m doing all right.

What could you do if you stopped worrying about your own efficiency? Tell me, and let’s reclaim some down time together!

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Carolyn is the editorial director of Champagne Cartel and a freelance writer. In her spare time she is a long-distance runner, peanut butter enthusiast, and single mum to three incredible humans.

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  • I do that with emails I action them as I read them and then either delete or file them into a folder I hate a cluttered inbox it actually makes me quite anxious it is the same with a million things on a desktop! I have started doing this with other household stuff that I really hate doing like washing and folding! I set a timer for the time of the washing machine so I know when it is finished to put it straight out and when I get it off rather than drop the basket in the laundry and deal with it later I just do it straight away. It is mainly the jobs I hate I do this with because I have no trouble doing the things I love. That way when I have done them I don’t have that nagging sense that I need to get other things done.

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