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Tampons provide help for domestic violence victims - Champagne Cartel
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A new partnership has just been announced between Share the Dignity and feminine hygiene company Cottons to raise awareness of the National Sexual Assault Domestic Family Violence counselling service 1800RESPECT. The campaign is aimed squarely at empowering women who are experiencing domestic abuse to seek out support. We think it’s pretty fucking rad.

From this week, every packet of Cottons tampons will have the 1800RESPECT number printed under the lid, a discreet reminder for any woman that is in a violent relationship that support is available.

Tampons are, of course, a fantastic choice because they are are usually the sole domain of the woman. A discreet subtle message inside is a powerful way to reach women who may not have much opportunity to see these messages in other forms.

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Australia’s domestic violence epidemic has seen one million women endure physical or sexual violence, emotional abuse or stalking – AND 75 women have been murdered – all of this in the last year alone, for fuck’s sake.

One in three women who experience abuse don’t know where to turn for help, and they are often unable to search the internet for fear of being found out, so kudos to Cottons for agreeing to help spread the word about 1800RESPECT.

If you want to show your support for this project, maybe sling a pack of Cottons into your trolley from these stockists.

Do you see this making a difference?

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