The Power of Momentum and How to Build it in Your Life

Recently my personal trainer spoke to me about something really interesting and I felt I had to share it!

He explained the power of momentum. He was talking specifically from a sports perspective. What he said was that once you build momentum it will help to carry you to achieve. So, for example when you start a new exercise regime it may be hard at first. After a while it becomes a little easier and then a little more so. The momentum builds and you find that you want to keep exercising. The momentum keeps you moving and your effort snowballs.

This is nothing new or mind blowing of course. What was most interesting to me was the other side of the coin (which I hadn’t really thought about), momentum can just as easily build for non-positive activity. For example you may be going really well and have a consistent exercise regime, but then you get sick or tired and stop doing it for a while. The first few days or week will be hard. You’ll want to be active! But then over time the momentum to NOT exercise starts to build. In no time at all you’ll be slouching on the couch, with a greasy smear down your tracksuit top. And suddenly you realise you’ve become quite the expert in laziness.

It hit me that lately I have built momentum around NOT exercising. It’s been a few weeks since I exercised consistently and I am starting to feel unmotivated. So I’ve been reading up on momentum and here’s a few things I found useful:

[1] Momentum is helpful in all aspects of life

“Seriously, momentum is a beautiful thing. Momentum enables you the ability to start thinking clearly, see that your goals are reachable and it gives you a sense of purpose, power and direction. By building momentum, you are creating a world in which you are more productive, more effective and more efficient.” Taken from this article on Lifehack

I love this and the intention behind it. Momentum is about activity, it’s about moving forward, it’s about keeping going. It can apply to many facets of life. It doesn’t matter whether you want to become a writer, have a career change or become a better parent, momentum can help you get there.

The power of momentum and how to build momentum in your life at

[2] Get your game face on

Read any sports news and you’ll come across the use of the word momentum: “we want to keep building momentum to take us to the finals”, “the captain is hoping his team can build momentum”, “the momentum of this win is going to help us get to the next round”. Momentum may be a factor that helps some teams continue to win year after year of premierships. The wins build a sense of confidence and positivity and that in turn builds the right mental attitude. #winning

[3] Just do it

The Lifehack article also refers to the famous Nike slogan. I have shouted this slogan many times to myself. Like the times I don’t want to get out of bed to go walking. Or when it seems easier to call for takeaway than cook a meal.  Each time you ‘just do it’ you achieve something. Even if it is a small thing. That small effort snowballs and builds momentum. So. Just. Do.It

[4] And keep doing it

Consistency of course is key. It means that instead of doing nothing, or something that takes you down the walk of shame, keep doing something that propels you forward. Whatever you do, just keep doing it. One foot in front of the other. Always moving forward.

Thinking about things in terms of momentum has honestly given me a mind shift. I’m now considering my daily choices from the perspective of momentum. Will my choice help me build momentum that is positive and keeps me on track to achieve my goals? Or will it build momentum that takes me in the opposite direction?

And as much as I think Tony Robbins is one seriously weird dude, I like this quote:

“Success comes from taking the initiative and following up… persisting…
What simple action could you take today to produce
a new momentum toward success in your life?”

May the force be with you!
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