My treaddesk adventure: ready, tready, go!

As a biologist, I totally get that humans aren’t built to be sedentary. I also know that my lifestyle has become increasingly less mobile over the past fifteen years. I went from working on my feet all day in a predominantly outdoor role, to spending my days anchored to the world’s slowest breastfeeding kid or tapping on a computer – with the odd gasp of fresh air. But sitting is lethal. We sit for longer than we sleep. New research has placed it as one of the biggest health hazards of our generation – if you think I’m being dramatic, see more here, here and here.

So it’s time to stand up. It’s time to move.  My reaction to the concept exercise has reliably, always been like that pic, above.

Although I used to celebrate early mornings, I am not one to celebrate 5am a la Champagne Carolyn at present (shall I blame three years of sleep deprivation, Melbourne swift grey and wet shift to winter? You get the coin and flip it, I’ll stay under the warm doona…). I am also revelling in a peak period for productivity (like how I didn’t say stressed-out-busy?) for the foreseeable future and feel that taking time out to go for a walk will just increase stress and anxiety about the work I need to be doing. But don’t fear for my welfare – the 21st century has given me the solution!

140428 Tread1

I’m going to treaddesk! I’ve done my research and elected to convert my treadmill into a walking work station with a simple shelf and I’m all set to embrace the treadmill desk experience.

Some people love it. Others have hated it. Some people need help selecting the best footwear.  I’ll let you know how I get on. Wish me luck!

140428 tread2

And in case you’re totes amazed by my incredibly neat spare room, nay – treaddesk office. Don’t be – I just piled all the shit from on top of those drawers and threw it on the spare bed for photos. See? I’m human too.

140428 TreadMess

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Carolyn is the editorial director of Champagne Cartel and a freelance writer. In her spare time she is a long-distance runner, peanut butter enthusiast, and single mum to three incredible humans.


  • I’m really curious about this, Champagne Mia. Tell us about the contraption that you have your laptop on. How fast do you go? Are you in workout mode struggling to hold on, or is it just a very leisurely pace to just keep you moving? Can you get good quality thinking work done, or is more time for administrivia?

    • Oh ho ho! Aren’t you already looking for the follow up piece! I highly recommend starting with this link:

      It’s what got me interested enough to try. Stay tuned for my update as to how it’s going and in brief:
      – Contraption is a Surf Shelf (click link on ‘shelf’ in article for more)
      – 1.9-2.9kmph is recommended – I’m comfy doing 3-3.5kmph
      – Emphasis is on not sitting, rather than a workout (Treadmill says I use around 200 cal/hr at 3kmph)
      – I’m finding it suits some kinds of work better than others, but I’m only a week in – I’ll let you know if that changes!


  • Oh I love it!! I agree for someone who works full time at a desk job AND blogs it feels like I sit way too much. So sometimes I read paperwork while pacing, or grab my iPad and read blogs whilst walking around.
    Must get myself a treaddesk!!!!

    • YES! I’d love to hear how you find it Sheridan – a friend recently set one up after deciding to deliberately stake out her neighbourhood for a treadmill during hard rubbish collection week – and she SCORED! It doesn’t have to be pricey and (as you’ll see in my progress report coming soon) – even a standing desk is an improvement on sitting on our tooshes all day and all you need for that is some clever shelves or a precarious stack of stuff! Do report back if you get tread desking too! /M

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