Friday Fizz: Wicked Waikiki Sour

This Wicked Waikiki Sour from Pineapple and Coconut is just right for this autumn weather. Mix yourself a strong one and enjoy our favourite five clicks of the week.

Happy Friday, you gorgeous thing! How’s this week treated you?

This week we are mixing up a storm with a Wicked Waikiki Sour – so chosen because in a life that seems as far removed from this one as you can get, I once lived in Waikiki. But I was 19 and too young to be served in any respectable bar, so I left and moved to London.

In your face, US laws, I’ll be getting my Waikiki on this weekend! How about you – want one? Grab the recipe over at Pineapple and Coconut.

And for now, enjoy our five favourite clicks of the week:

A brilliant reminder to stop saying you’re busy and be more mindful about the way you’re living. This actually made me change my behaviour this week. Love it!

Abuse survivor speaks out about domestic violence in ‘nicer’ suburbs – because it can and does happen everywhere. To more people than you think.

10 types of odd friendships you’re probably a part of – if for nothing other than the awesome graphics

Fuck it, and four other mantras for when things get tough (Fuck it is definitely my favourite though.)

94 + 12 = an enriched life – gorgeous words on intergenerational love by the always articulate Caro and Co. I planned to share this ages ago and forgot so this one isn’t new, but it’s a beautiful read.


Have you seen anything great this week? Please share!

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