Writer spotlight: Dr Sasha Lynn

We want to introduce you to one of the juicy brains behind some of the articles you’ve been reading at Champagne Cartel. Dr Sash is our resident potty-mouthed head shrinker. She is warm and wise and funny as hell, and we’re so grateful to have her on the Champagne Cartel writing team.

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We asked Dr Sash to share with us 5 things we may not know about her:

1. In my heyday I used to have multiple body piercings and insane bright coloured hair. I was even denied leadership positions in high school as a result of said body piercings. A nerdy rebel of the highest order.

2. I have a massive phobia of spiders. Can.not.stand.them. Nothing should have 8 legs and walk on them. Nothing. I know I spend my days helping others overcome their fears but ain’t nobody curing me of my arachnophobia. Bit of a hypocrite perhaps? Better than having a phobia of paper I guess.

3. I was a state champion tap dancer. Yes. Heel-ball-change indeed. Only I didn’t know I was a state champ until many years later. Derp.

4. In my spare time (ha!) I love taking photos. I carry a camera everywhere with me, but try not to be a wanker about it.

Dr Sash florence
Florence by Dr Sash

5. I have an obsessional-like penchant for Keds shoes. I’ve been collecting Keds for years, and have about a dozen different pairs. The more ridic the design the better. And now they’re next to impossible to find in Australia. I may require therapy to cope with this.

Visit Dr Sash at her blog From the Left Field.

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