Yoga is for every body – meet Jessamyn Stanley

Yoga is for every body - meet Jessamyn Stanley

I actually wrote this ode to the magnificent Jessamyn Stanley nearly five years ago, and since then I’ve been fortunate enough to interview her for an article I wrote for the Sydney Morning Herald, and then we also just heard her talking on our favourite podcast The Happiness Lab, in the episode Move More, But For The Right Reasons. We were reminded just how inspiring and rad she is, and we wanted to reintroduce her to you so you can bask in her awesomeness as well. And if you haven’t gotten onto the Happiness Lab yet, start with Jessamyn’s episode. It’s a cracker.

Yoga is one of the best exercises there is. It’s great for flexibility, muscle strength, posture, blood flow, your spine…not to mention your mental health.

But unless you physically take yourself a regular yoga class, you could be forgiven for thinking yoga is only done by thin women in beautiful clothing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but yoga truly is for everybody and every body. And if you’re scared or intimidated to go to a class, you’re missing out on a beautiful experience, and a life-changing practice.

Yoga is for every body - meet Jessamyn Stanley
Images courtesy of Jessamyn Stanley on Instagram @mynameisjessamyn

This is where Jessamyn Stanley steps in: a yogi inviting the world to yoga in the most beautiful way.

Jessamyn told Lenny, “Once we recognise that the mainstream images of yoga are merely marketing, the same way they market lipstick and yogurt, then we can change the perception of what a “yogi” physically looks like.”

Join Jessamyn in one of her practices and you’ll feel like a new woman.

HERO IMAGE: Jassamyn Stanley at Wanderlust

Do you love yoga?

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