4 ways to keep your face looking sweat-free this summer

4 ways to keep your face looking sweat-free this summer

No-one wants to look like a sweaty bastard, but it seems inevitable in summer! Especially Brisbane lately, where we’ve been averaging mid-30s. You don’t have to be rocket scientist to know that most broads are going to give makeup the flick under these conditions.

It used to shit me royally when I would get ready in the aircon and then walk outside and the slap would slide off my face faster than you can say, “Jesus-on-crutches, it’s hot out here”. So then began years of makeup experimentation in sub-tropical temps. (Note: those teensy pieces of paper with ingrained powder that are meant to absorb oil do squat-all when it’s 37 and your face is a river, I can tell you).

In today’s video Four ways to deal with your foundation in summer, I’m going to bring you my favourite four makeup techniques that will actually keep your face staying put and have you looking cool, calm and collected as the mercury rises.

I’ve used a range of products in this video. The Youngblood items mentioned are available to purchase in the beauty section of our Champagne Cartel shop.

I’d love to hear your feedback on whether these techniques work for you!
Do you have any sure-fire makeup tips to stop the sweats in summer?





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