5 ways to dress up a pair of shorts

I’m a big fan of a pair of tailored shorts, in fact any kind of shorts at all, and with all the crazy hot weather lately they are frankly the obvious choice.

When I am extolling the awesomeness of shorts, ladies are a always like “yah sure, great for the beach or at home, but they’re so hard to dress up”.

Nup, have to disagree there. Shorts are AWESOME for pretty much any occasion. My top tip is simply to chuck on a pair of stilettos. Even with a tee on top, you’ll look glam as hell.

I wrote a post a while ago about how to wear shorts and even though the specific designs are a few years old, the styles and my thoughts on how to wear are still pretty ok.

Today, I’m sharing some more short-love (ew, sorry that sounds a bit weird, like some kind of particular sexual predilection) and bringing you 5 ways to dress up your shorts for work or a party, and feel totally confident you are not too casual.

1. Tailored shirt

Adding a button up shirt will bring sophistication to a pair of shorts, not matter what is your preferred length.

5 ways to dress up a pair of shorts
Images from left: Pinterest, Pinterest, Pandora Sykes

2. Crisp Black and White

The classic combo of black and white always lends itself to the clean corporate look. Add a big silver statement necklace and some heels to glam it up.

5 ways to dress up a pair of shorts
Images: Who What WearDamsel In Dior, Camille over the Rainbow

3. Add a blazer

A blazer will bring some sass and style to your shorts. An all black combo looks particularly fab.

5 ways to dress up a pair of shorts
Images: Olivia Palermo on Who What Wear, GlamRadarFashionvibe
[4] It’s all in the detail

Add a silky blouse or ruffle on the shirt or a tie on the waist for some soft, feminine detailing.

5 ways to dress up a pair of shorts
Images: Pinterest, Glamour, Glamour

5. Add some colour

Bring some pep to your shorts outfit with a daring patterned blazer or some coloured heels or a bright clutch.

5 ways to dress up a pair of shorts


Hero image: Briony Masters Photography

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