6 tricks to looking well groomed

OK so today I’m talking about women with style. In particular the kind of style that looks totally effortless and relaxed. You know what I mean, those women who always look immaculate and beautifully put together. Gorgeously chic and polished, even when they’re wearing something casual, and never in a try hard way.

Urgh I wish I could be like that! I always feel like a bit of a gallumping mess when those lasses are around.

It isn’t that they are simply beautiful, which they may appear at first glance. And they are not necessarily wearing designer clothes. But they definitely know how to ‘wear’ clothes and they have a certain ‘it’ factor.

These glam women pics are from of The Sartorialist.

Well I’m going to share some tips so you’ll be feeling all perfectly polished and fabulous.

1. Lipstick

It doesn’t matter whether you are into gloss or matt lipstick or what colour you choose. Just wear it confidently. I always love a smigen of lippie to help me feel quite well put together.

Rosewater is my all time favourite everyday lipstick shade, it’s a beautiful pinky, neutral. Check out our full range of Youngblood lippies in our store.

2. Eyebrows

Wrangle those brows into shape. Let them grow a bit so they look natural but not all John Howard. Here’s some advice about how to sort your bushy brows.

3. Controlled hair

You don’t have to have a million dollar haircut or a daily salon blowdry, but a decent do certainly helps. Wear it back in a bun or ponytail if it suits you. The wonderful and talented Christina from Hair Romance can help you if you have trouble taming your tresses.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 7.17.36 pm
Check out Christina’s fabulous Weekend Style Braided Ponytail tutorial.

4. Follow the rules

A great way to look polished is to follow basic styling rules:

  • invest in timeless, classic basics such as good quality t-shirts, black trousers, a little black dress, a blazer
  • avoid anything too fashiony if you are not confident
  • ensure your clothes fit well, have them tailored if need be
  • if anything is old, manky or tatty, fix it or get rid of it
  • own one nice big daytime handbag you can hang over your elbow
  • go for quality, not quantity
  • clean your shoes.

5. Keep it simple

I remember reading something in a magazine years ago that stuck with me. I think Maggie Tabberer said it? Before you leave the house you should spin around in front of the mirror. If anything really stands out, take it off. I quite often do this. The idea is to not overdo it. For example: choose either a statement necklace or statement earrings, both can be a bit much.

6. Confidence

Stand up straight. Smile. Wear massive sunglasses. Walk the walk. Feel your inner goddess shining out and lighting up the world (too much?). This is the icing on the cake and this is what all style mavens have in common. They look like they have their shit together.

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