Four fabulous lipstick colours for winter

One of my girlfriends asked me the other day for some advice about her lipstick colour. She was looking for something a bit different that she could buy now for winter. It got me thinking about the lipstick palette that I choose for winter.

Generally each winter I go for a variation on the following colours: red, fuchsia, brown, pink. I’m generally a bit paler in winter, so I am looking for a lipstick colour that will stand out. But I’m also looking for something that will pep me up and make me feel bright and fabulous in the dreary winter months. Here’s my four favourite lipstick colours for winter.


I have always loved a red lipstick. This is a new favourite at the moment because it is a very clean, bright red. It’s got a slight blue base, but it’s almost neutral. Which means that if you are not sure about wearing red, this could be a colour to try. And red always looks great with black and grey, so you can’t go wrong.

Youngblood Sinful


I know fuchsia can be a bit disturbing in it’s nanna-ness (even the spelling of the word is off kilter), but I’m a fan. Maybe I am just reaching that age where I am enjoying a bit of colour in my life and loving the old I-don’t-give-a-fuck-fuchsia. But you do have to be a bit careful how purple it is, you don’t want to end up all looking blue lipped like you’re frozen to death. If you aren’t quite ready to leap into fuchsia, take it down a notch and just go for a lovely rose or watermelon.

Youngblood Charm


BROOOWWWNNN. Sounds hot doesn’t it. But there’s nothing wrong with a delicious chestnuty, plummy, mahogany, oxbloody, brown-town brown. I love a bit of the mysterious in a lip colour for winter and there are some gorgeous colours around at the moment, although some are too gothic even for me though, I can’t do super dark.

Youngblood Vain

Baby pink

Right. I know this sounds weird but a gentle baby pink lipstick in winter looks so minxy, especially if you’re wearing black or grey or beige… and some fur. I like to wear the baby pink with a smokey eye, or at least lashings of mascara to give a nod to the swinging sixties (and this one is called Debalicious, so also I like giving a nod to Deb). If you’re not convinced you can head left into a more beige/nude tone or go the other way and brighten the pink slightly so it’s a bit more of a candy tone.

Youngblood Debalicious

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  • Ooh the thing I love most about winter is being able to pull out all the really strong, bold colours that feel too ‘gothic’ or dramatic in summer. I am all about the burgundies and plums and deep vampire reds!

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